Naked Soul

I've given my soul to the world in a blinding way. I've allowed for them to speak to me laying their hearts on the floor within these four walls. I have seen humanity at it's worst and again at it's best. The human soul is stronger than we give it credit; it can withstand a storm of cruel words and actions that meant to change even the softest individual into someone who looks out upon the world with fear and anger.

Humanity has given up on it'self; I have seen it in the eyes of the stranger on the street; the husband and wife who have all but given up on what they once thought was love. I have seen it in his cool blue eyes; the hurt and desire to be loved in a raw way. Thier souls become naked to me; bared like flesh and I must keep them locked up in my small box; carried on my shoulders to help them rebuild and face this cruel world.

Though it may tear me apart and draw my soul ragged; I have strove to understand humanity; to hold the woes of the world in the perverbial palm of my hand. To massage the pain with companionship and understanding; to show a side of humanity that does not give up.


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