Save some love for yourself


All I ever wanted was to be all that someone needed

I thought once I achieved that, my loneliness was defeated 
And here you came, I'll give you all my love, you repeated
And happy was I to be the one who received it
Your love was slow and kind
You took the time to discover all the little specs in my mind
As the seasons came and gone, we painted the sky with our bliss

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Again and again


Mostly because it's not real
I'm afraid to let myself trust
Mostly because I don't want to feel
That awful feeling I had when you left
I miss my happiness that you kept
The swiftness with which you swept
My youthful heart and made it whole
Bring back the hope within it that you stole.
I'm afraid to move on
Mostly because I don't know which way to go
I'm afra...

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Smokey Mirrors and Lust

Over and over again the word disappoints me 

I trust and I believe then it comes back and bites me 
Such a lonesome relationship
And I often wonder if it's me
I often wonder what the possibility
Is that I'll be deserving 
The chances seem low and it's concerning. 
So I've decided that I'm conserving, 
My love, my kind sentiments, my secrets
For someone far...

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