The Astronomer

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She offers him a slice of peach-

he looks to the stars instead.

She lifts a burning ember

as a tribute to his face-

which he ignores.

She crosses her eyes

the glowing tip between them-

he looks straight up.

She sighs and counts the stars.

Her voice is as a child’s,

Shirley Temple: the star-counter.

She looks at him and frowns.

Her finger numbers them- again.

She tells him that she is bored

with counting and awaits

his attention.

He turn his gaze

to a newly cleared moon,

closing his eyes he sighs.

She sits up and clasps her knees

and stares at the fire ‘hums’

a tune from antiquity.

She retrieves the peach

and offers it to him again-

this time against his lips.

‘You've finished counting stars then?’

he asks, with eyes still closed

and adds ‘Astraea ’.

"A S T E R I A" she corrects him.

He knows she smiles, as he feels the

heat of her mouth on his


words and foto Tommy Carroll

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winston plowes

Fri 11th Sep 2015 23:49

Hi Cynthia / Tommy. Good to see you still posting on WOL. These text format 'accidents' can sometimes add to a piece? I liked this despite/because of them. :-)

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Tommy Carroll

Sun 6th Sep 2015 00:09

Hi Cynthia it's a re-edit but l have been having trouble for 9 months or so. I have been editing work using the in-house programming language. It has been murder. I've been in touch with the organisers but l still have to hand type the programme eg: <p> this is an example</p> and so on for each separate line. :-(

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sat 5th Sep 2015 18:26

Tommy, take a moment to check your original blog. The keys are acting up somewhere between your personal copy and WOL's printout. The same thing happened to me this week. Perhaps this poem is a re-post?

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