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On the Nature of Inspiration II

Prostrate, brooding on sunny and foreboding afternoon
A dog barks in the middle distance instigating a volley of indignant retort above the estate
Road-noise and the blood coursing through the channels
Blue sky touching horizon beneath casual cumulus reminds you of the sea
Emptiness and adventure

Cirrus slowly passes opposite antennae of opposite roof suggesting uniformity
Trees sway

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On the Nature of Inspiration III

At a workspace in the reading room
Sits the youth engrossed in writing

In peripheral of mind and space
Onlook gravely the collected works
And weight of human history

Unrestrained by abstruse semiotic
Advances the uninducted
Through warnings of unheeded cipher
To pastures rarely trodden by
Adherents to the doctrine

Unheeding of imposing presence
Uninhibited by its stricture
The wo...

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Second Song

(How many roads?)

Stood on the banks of a stream with forces amassed, looking on towards the journey-defining second decade of adulthood.

A man must have the presence of mind, the perspicacity to acknowledge himself and hence possess the ability to adapt. For consciousness of the need to change is assailed perpetually by deluge of implacable ego. The desire to be right is lazy and disingenuo...

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Joyce's Umbrella

Have you any idea how hard it is for me to play a G major?
Should I write a standard progression, put the chorus where it should be and scream ‘dada’ in a controlled display of abandon?
Know I am a charlatan?
The only true rebellion would be to, with utter sincerity, believe yourself a penguin
Flying in the face of all authority


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artdilemmasJames Joyceavant gardepopdadasurrealismautomatic writingBretonpenguin

Individuality, Categories 1-7

This is from my samples section...


Individuality, Categories 1 – 7


I was only playing at burning up
For the glamour before the real demise
Whilst always trying to collect enough words to support a world
To craft a way of living
With myself and all of you, we
The collectors of experience
Have no enduring capsule in which to save them all

Always, all around, p...

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Reflections of an Overfed Man

You were a regular toothpick

And I have my Bashment classes

We frolicked in the eye of a toad just for something to do on a Wednesday


I scraped together all my width 

And ordered it correctly

Like a spiral in a jam jar it spurred me on to justice


Make an apoplexy for your measly complexion

I lost it in a card game in the jaws of the abo-po-po

And in the heat of a ...

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Forms to Frame It

Learn to swim
True miracle and real illusion
You wake to fantasy
And see it as such
Until your mind finds forms to frame it

Step outside the bounds
There is a world that happens
And an everything beyond
You forget because it is not immediate
And your mind cannot find forms to frame it

Try and fail
Settle in delusion
Find no limits for the space that we inhabit
No words, no beyond

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She said "I am a Vessel"

She said "I am a vessel for a love with no borders

Unanimity of patience and reasonable tolerance

No subversion shall coerce my action

No coercion will subvert my thought"


I stood in awe of the brazen dissentient

And so I withdrew my tacit consent

For none over another is deserving commandant

And my being was roused by such bold sentiment


She said "to...

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