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As the days get warmer, I keep getting colder. Lost the inner motivation to feel confident and bold. Pondering if I'm destined to be old and alone. With a world full of so many people, how could I feel so alone? And with a world full of oxygen, how am I struggling to breath? It's a broken world, and people want to continue to step on the pieces. These scars represent my pain, they are my tattoos f...

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Home. It's not where your physical state inhabits. It's where your heart craves to be. The place you feel comfortable, safe, welcomed without hesitation. Home could rest within a significant other, who removes the mask of insecurities and replaces it with the real you. Home could be your place to escape the world, your own little universe where nothing disturbs your peace for a set time. Home is t...

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Insomnia.                             Intoxicating thoughts seeping through your neurons. The struggle of finding rest late at night. The path less traveled, because no light is there to guide you. Darkness becomes your greatest friend, it becomes more comfortable as the sleepless nights persist. Struggling to find peace with the war inside, metamorphosing your ordinary mind,
Into a machine of co...

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Deep issues within

This place is eating me alive, outside I appear fine. My physique is built to hide what's buried inside.
These thoughts, eat away my soul day by day. The more I think, the more I hurt. It's been such a long time since I've actually lived. I feel like I'm just breathing, my world has been collapsed and I don't know how to rebuild the foundation. The agony is unbearable I wish it would leave me be,...

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