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If you’re walking by the bushes

at the end of the lane

you may hear a little quack

as the sun begins to wane.


You may look for the water

where the ducks might be,

but there’s no-one in sight

just the rustling of the leaves.


Would you believe

the quack that you heard

was the sound of an owl,

a sad little bird.


“A quacking owl?”

I hear you exclaim,

“Well that’s just silly,

this must be a game”


“Owls don’t quack,

it’s well known and true,

they have two big eyes

and they say, “Twit Twoo!”


Well Oscar is his name

and it’s really quite sad,

“Quack” is all he can say

ever since he was a lad.


People came from miles around

just to see the quacking owl,

to laugh and poke fun at him

until he flew off with a scowl.

Poor little Oscar was so sad

that he hid high up the trees,

his quacks could still be heard

but he was nowhere to be seen.

“Whoever wants an owl

that can't twit-twoo?”

he thought to himself

with a tearful boo-hoo.


He hid up in his tree

and just wouldn't come out,

no matter what they did

or how loud they’d shout.


The days became weeks

and still there was no sight

of our poor little Oscar

and his terrible plight.


But then one bright day

on the west wind arrived

another little owl

whose name was Clive.


He landed on the branch

and he started to quack,

well Oscar was so happy

that his wings flap-flapped.

They were friends from the start

and Oscar was so pleased,

that they both came out to play

lower down in the trees.


It was the sweetest sight

that you ever could see,

two quacking owls

who where happy as could be!



Written by Darren Scanlon, 15th April 2014.

8th September 2015.

Artwork by Angie Caira.

©2015 Darren Scanlon. All rights reserved.

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Darren Scanlon

Mon 14th Sep 2015 19:00

Aww thanks Lea, hope they enjoy it.


Mon 14th Sep 2015 05:15

Oh, this is sweet! I'm going to show this one to my kids - they'll love it x

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