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The inner landscape

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I am standing tall on the mountain pass

Looking over this inner landscape of mine.

And the vertiginous drop of the waterfall of my emotions

Surrenders down from the smooth mirror-like lake of my soul.


Up there in the heights between the two peaks,

I can just make out the depth of the pool

Where I once plunged and almost drowned.

As I submerged myself in it

I wished to be as absolute for death as for life.

Lost was I, to all but one bottomless fount,

Atoms of my mind coalescing into liquid

Along with every element of my incarnation.


But lo, I looked up towards the light at the surface.

I knew I had to save myself from total immersion.

I thought I had forgotten

How navigate the infinite space inside,

And those dubious waters.

How I did use to swim so comfortably here!


Now I emerge from the pool afresh,

Wiping off smears of slime and watercress,

Salty teardrops dripping from my face,

Like Narcissus awakening from a sad dream.

I am drying now, almost there,

And from where I am watching,

I can see how perilous the waters below were:

A paradise, yes, but from a distance.

I can embrace it fully now that I'm back,

Standing tall on the edge of the mountain pass

Looking over this inner landscape of mine.

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Thu 24th Sep 2015 21:53

a very detailed inner journey delicately and beautifully depicted . Nice work.

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