the tent flaps of perception

We both smoked two bowls of salvia

And sat in our tent

Next to a crumbling abbey

And a pack of feral scousers



A minute

Ten minutes

Twenty minutes

Nothing happening here

Move along


You are now made of jigsaw pieces and fire

And my thoughts are coming out one letter at a time

Wheeling off an alphabetic merry-go-round

Landing at my feet

Where I pick them up

Wearing oven gloves signed by Ian Curtis

And construct sentences

And you are crying now

Because I am trying to set you on fire

And now I am shaking

We are both shaking

Because Sandy Denny is dead

And Jimi Hendrix is dead

And John Lennon is dead

And Bill Hicks is dead

And so many people are dead

Or dying

And no amount of wishing wells

Will take us away

From this godless world

Your jigsaw face fades from view

And we sleep.


Later we walked up the hill

To a pub called The Thorn

Where I stepped on a dogs paw

And the owner bought us lemonade.


hazy days of non-realisation

◄ absinthe makes the heart grow fonder

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Stu Buck

Thu 10th Sep 2015 09:40

thanks guys! ray, i am now a celebrated clearhead as well, but i admit to being a scamp in my time!

tom, thanks a lot. i try to sway between stream of consciousness and the ability to still be succinct.

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Tom Harding

Wed 9th Sep 2015 23:05

stu really like your stuff, it's free flowing but neatly pieced together - a great trick!

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Wed 9th Sep 2015 22:41

fantastic Stu. I'm only meeting you half way on this, as I'm a clearhead at all times; but it doesn't stop me relishing every moment of the poem. I love unreality checks like this.

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Stu Buck

Wed 9th Sep 2015 15:30

well, if he isnt dead he's definitely energy condensed to a slow vibration.

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Tommy Carroll

Wed 9th Sep 2015 15:22

Fuck! Bill Hicks is dead?

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Stu Buck

Wed 9th Sep 2015 14:25

it was a little white thing. he yapped and went for me when i stood on it, but the owner didnt know id stood on it and bought us both a drink to say sorry. i never owned up, mainly because im a horrible person...

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Laura Taylor

Wed 9th Sep 2015 14:24

Haha - I don't think I've ever had such a fruitful exchange of reference-spotting before you :D

Ooo nasty! It was always really short-lived for me - very like poppers but without the head-imploding pain afterwards.

:D Did you? I hope it wasn't a guide dog. That would have been way too much ironing :D

I love the jigsaw pieces and fire line - perfectly sums up when it all goes horribly wrong, that.

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Stu Buck

Wed 9th Sep 2015 14:21

you are too hard to catch out! im listening to achtung bono now.

salvia was a long vicious comedown for me. the first (and only) time we have tried it, we had the 40x stuff. the whole period was horrendous. i did genuinely stand on a dog.

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Laura Taylor

Wed 9th Sep 2015 14:15

I've always found salvia to be much more immediate than that ;)

And you're a HMHB fan as well as Neutral Milk?! Ace :D

It feels more like a vicious comedown in places, rather than a salvia high, but I like the feel of it. Sort of. In a way that several years away from psychosis can provide ;)

Actually, that's really quite a Nigel finish there.

Thumbs up, Stu.

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