Colourful dream

Colourful dream

I really wanna dream,

but i don’t wanna sleep.

No, I don’t wanna feel,

Yes, I want you to leave.


I was so far away,

hidden in my dream.

Whole world is covered grey

and I can’t stay in here.


I want my colours back,

fly between blue clouds.

‘Cause grass shouldn‘t be black,

I know without all doubts.


It’s not because of me,

there’s nothing right tonight.

Shadows lurk near thee,

like moth attracts the light.


Where’s the yellow sun?

The Seasons are so weird.

It was hot and warm,

and now it disappeared.


Everywhere is snow,

when summer should be here.

I see that pure white glow,

and winter’s roaring near.


All the world has changed

can’t stay here anymore.

Colour fades away.

ground’s preparing for war.


I want back to my dream,

 please help me return there.

 This reality sucks,

but noone ever care.



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