My wife wheezes vague accordion notes in bed next to me

A bolster cushion clamped between her pregnant thighs

To raise her swollen belly


A black cat purrs affectionately beside my ear

The rumble of content occasionally broken

As she rearranges her frame


In the room next door my daughter clutches an overpriced teddy

Sailing away on a sea of childhood dreams

One leg dangling out of bed


Outside the moon conducts a silver symphony

Kissing the sleeping countryside

With sensual ghost light


The house clicks and creaks contently


Even the chickens sleep


And yet here I am


Writing this



to sleep perchance to dream

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Stu Buck

Mon 7th Sep 2015 12:03

agreed. i have particular trouble with mental-verbal filter. i basically find myself unable to make any form of social bond due to the sheer amount of tripe that i come out with. how my wife has lasted 7 years is beyond me (probably together for the kids!). Certainly BP was a sad time indeed.

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Laura Taylor

Mon 7th Sep 2015 11:58

I would keep the last 3 lines. Totally get that constant-narrative-creation that accompanies all creatives - I sometimes have to internally slap myself to stop it. Words shunting through without mercy, and the inability to filter out ANYTHING.

Still, it would be churlish to complain ;) At least we DO have something to channel it all, eh? Better than BP (Before Poetry) where we just went bloody mad all the time.

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Stu Buck

Sun 6th Sep 2015 21:57

hi guys. thanks for the kind comments. i was hoping to juxtapose the peace and harmony around me with my internal 'clamour'. i also hoped to get across the feeling of constantly writing a poem internally, thus unable to enjoy the moment. the last three lines are (to me) the most important. however, i welcome any other thoughts as they help me as a writer to see things i may have missed. maybe i need to sharpen it up a bit.

Lynn Hamilton

Sun 6th Sep 2015 21:00

Great poem but I disagree folks about the last three lines - they need to be there .

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Sun 6th Sep 2015 20:10

I agree with Harry! Good though

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Harry O'Neill

Sun 6th Sep 2015 20:03

Lines of a contented man.

(maybe the last three lines not needed?)

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