Your turn

One and one equal two

A simple equation

But for you

It simply doesn’t ring true

Your life seems to add up to three or four

Maybe more

Bruises and abrasions

That you don’t care to mention

Hidden on the inside as well as out

Like constant sores

Opening out and closing up

Waiting for another poke

Another punch

Another slap in the face


The constant ache that you’ve forgotten

Because its’ always there

Why do you seek them out?

Those men who know what to say

To draw you in

You defend them saying

That’s just their way

 When will you stop giving him?

The latest another chance

To thump

To dance

To sit upon your head

Your body and your heart

Tell him to take a running jump

I know it’s not easy

Because you believe

Only he can please you

But now is the time

And you have to do it as much

For your son and your daughter

They are not old enough to defend you yet

But they are old enough to see

To feel

To understand

All that’s hurting their mum

Those whose lives are on hold

And emotions are numb

Always on the move

Another place

Another face

Another swig from the bottle of life

That leaves you red raw and tender

Because you know

When he goes on yet another bender

Saying he’s a good man

Isn’t really enough

And no matter how sorry he maybe

It’s you that pays the price

And it’s not selfish to say

Me instead of us

Instead of you

Because he simply isn’t being

A husband as to a wife

For you

For them

Your life’s been on hold too long

It’s your turn now

Get away and start a new life.

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J Graham

Thu 10th Dec 2015 03:12

I enjoy reading your work!
Especially this one.
Thanks for reading and commenting on my stuff.
It's well appreciated!

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Jeff Dawson

Fri 11th Sep 2015 09:32

Hard hitting this Martin, well written and sadly a common state of affairs, in this day and age, it shouldn't be anything like that, I hope your poem gives anyone reading it who is suffering strength.

Thanks for your comment on 'Open the Borders', much appreciated, I will be reading it at Sale WOL on Tuesday if you can make it, and read a poem or two, be great to see you, I'm standing in as MC, thanks Jeff

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Stu Buck

Sat 5th Sep 2015 11:44

this is excellent. i have always wondered why the women/men stay with abusive partners. but it may just one of those things we cannot understand until we have been in the situation. this is very well written, with nice touches (a rhyme here and there, nice use of alliteration) breaking up the monologue. its clearly been written with heart and soul.

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