We the fat and the greedy

Hereby give all that we have

To you the hungry and the needy

We the conniving and the seedy

Hereby give half of what we have

To you the old, the tired and weedy

To you the orphan, the widow

The stateless

And the unemployed

We give

We pledge to ensure

That you we will not go without

That there will never be room for ambiguity

Or doubt

That your children will grow up fit and strong

With no worry of committing an offence

And have a life which is free from wrong

We the undersigned are your friends

Brothers and sisters

Friends and neighbours

Fighting to give you life

To give you a chance

Because you are we

And we are you

Don’t you know that it is all part of the great plan?

After all where there is a dream

There is hope

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Martin Elder

Wed 30th Sep 2015 15:59

Thanks for your comments Laura. You are right about the Typo Cheers.

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Laura Taylor

Wed 23rd Sep 2015 12:26

Rousing! Love it! God - wouldn't that be great?!

Tiny typo here though?

'That you we will not go without' - should that 'we' be in there?

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Martin Elder

Tue 22nd Sep 2015 23:08

Thanks for your comments guys, much appreciated, sometimes its good to be reminded of all that we have and all that others haven't., particularly in a society obsessed with possessions and material gain.

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Stu Buck

Sat 19th Sep 2015 17:19

the daily mail will not be happy martin. not at all.
lovely piece, i agree with tommy, its like a cross between bill pullmans speech in independence day and a treaty for fairness and love. thumbs up.

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Andy N

Thu 17th Sep 2015 10:24

there is always hope, martin

top stuff m8

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Tommy Carroll

Tue 15th Sep 2015 20:20

Spot on Martin. Read a bit like the American Declaration of Independence ;-)

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