Liar Liar

Liar Liar


     A hundred apples fall from a tree

And each – their behaviour remains the same,

Sixty seconds fly by in a minute –

Their time constant, but

We’re hoping to bend its nature!


     Empirical knowledge is under threat

For no-one believes each other’s words,

We’re looking for truth in a world filled with lies

And doubt is written upon the youngest;

Their brow furrowed at all they are told,



Could be looking at you point blank

Yet we don’t believe

Even the words of a truth seer,

     For what we look for in other’s

Be the lies we propagate,

For a claim we’re all the same,


     And it’s sadness and woe

To be termed a liar for the experience

That makes no sense on Earth;

Yet there’s many a man woman and child

Who will bestow you a truth

As absurd as it is,

But deaf are the ears

Who make it their rule

Not to believe a casualty of World,

Never realizing at all they are

Victims themselves,

For the learnt behaviour

Drummed in since young,

That denies injustice happens at all.


     Liar Liar

They scream until blue,

While the child tends to his wounds,

     And he grows to know

Only their hate,

In a World dwindling from view.


Michael J Waite 24th September 2015.


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Andre White

Thu 24th Sep 2015 03:11

I like this

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