The Unreported Crime

The Unreported Crime


     I’ll not forgive,

Not this system of abuse,

For it seems the brightest stars

Be engulfed more ferociously

By the darkness,

     It seems such a waste

And no recovery in sight

While psychologists and

Psychiatrists leave their own

Branding to add to the violence,

     And still the voices

Persist an onslaught that makes

No sense to an innocent soul,


     I loathe this world,

Because the conceit is everywhere,

Like the females who close

Ranks and close mouths

To conceal child abuse they protract,

     Then shout so gloriously

The moment a man strikes a blow,

But then, men fare no better

Themselves, for they won’t admit

The hurt endured in childhood

Because the hands and feet that

Struck them down belongs

To the weaker sex,

     And it’s………

………’big boys don’t cry!’

Clever really when you think about it?


     And the blatant cover up

Under the guise of ‘tough love!’

     You see,

If you’re a man,

And lay hand to children –

You’re a paedophile,

But everything’s granted

For a woman until

It becomes murder,

     Then they’ll play

To the gallery,

Speak in quiet tones

How the woman was

A horrible example,

     Then state

In their defence to

‘Get them while they're young’

When kicking fuck out of boys.



Am I the only one

Telling the truth around here?

For the British Male

Has become a laughing stock overseas,

     Not only for his lack

Of courage concerning this issue,

But because he lies

To himself,


     The good news is,

Not every man and woman

Are complicit in this,

But if you are caught up

Within this cycle of violence

And denial,

     You could do no harm

By considering the child first,

Your own inner child

That still finds it difficult

To comprehend what has happened,

     So rather than lash out,

Understand the feelings

That you struggle with

Need healing,

     For if you do not

Acknowledge – the claim

Be further perpetuated,

Much to the delight

Of a particular brand of female,

     That envy’s the fact you have a penis.


Child abuse must stop full stop.

The cover ups too,

For the UK is becoming renowned

For it’s disgusting attitude

Towards her children,

Where women take glee

In pointing fingers,

     And weak men let it happen

And even rob the innocent

Of the innocence

That was robbed from them.


Michael J Waite 22nd of September 2015.

Sick of the cover ups by an establishment where BOTH men and women are guilty.


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