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Martin Elder on Then and Now (Sat, 26 Sep 2015 02:36 pm)

Jackie Phillips on Emotions (Wed, 14 Jan 2015 09:14 am)

Then and Now

My head was full of empty thoughts that rattled ‘tween my ears.

My heart was full of jumbled clots of emotion that fueled tears.

My hands were cold and weak, but they still pushed away my fears.

But what was there to fight when I was the only one that was here?


I used to say I’d rather numb myself instead of feel.

I used to let illusion take the spot of what was real.


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Dark Matters

Every part of me longs for you;

My body screams for your touch.

I can't get enough of you.

Now I fear that I love you too much.


Beside you and your beauty,

I'm nothing. And yet, you see me for

A celestial being of light-

The Sun that you've always adored.


My dear, that's just an illusion;

I am not what you see or say.

Though I hope you never leave me


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Can You Not?

Can you not?

Your immaturity makes me want to scream!

You ignorance is not by any means

Appreciated. Oh, much woe is me

When your mouth opens to mock and preen.


Can't you stop?

There's no on who wants to hear you say

What you do. You always make me contemplate

Why I even woke up and tried today.

I wish you knew when to shut your damn face.


Let's just not.


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Salvage the Unsalvageable

To salvage the unsalvageable, you must first believe you can

For it's something that will deteriorate beneath a trembling hand.

You must fight, lie, cheat, steal, plead for a second chance

But you must also know that the first is undoubtedly your last glance.

You can clutch and grab all that you can but come the beginning of the night,

What you say will be okay will never be alright...

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Offenem Mund,

Ich kann nicht.

Meine Brust ist schwer.



(English Translation)


Open mouthed,

I cannot.

My chest is heavy.


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Talk to me like I talk to you:

Openly with heart-felt truth.

I don't want lies; they'll bring demise,

And we'll fall apart in our hearts and minds.


A promise is what promise was.

Promise is built upon our trust.

It's what we've made, but it has caved,

And the hurt I feel won't wash away.


Love me not, yet love still I

All you are though love has died.

Your lo...

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When I see you, it all comes back to me.

The happiness, the pain--

Everything unfair--

It all comes back.

And I'm so overwhelmed,

I can't feel the


That I should.


I'm a blank slate;

I close off all that can

Hurt me.


I held your words to heart,

Yet you decided to

Do their opposite.


This game--

This game of ignoring--

Took its to...

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Myriad of Color

They say red is the color of love,

That this color shows passion and life.

But love- real love- isn't

Impulse and lust.

There's a mix of everything

In between.


It starts with the blue calm

And the gray curiosity

Of someone whose interest is peaked.

Thus comes the yellows and pinks

Of excitement and a fluttering heart.


Warmth blends in orange

When love'...

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Why Is The Heart Heavy?

Why is the heart heavy when the other's taken away?

Their heart was ripped from inside you; that explains the pain.

And the blood- it empties, hollows one's being like drops of rain.

So shouldn't one's heart be lighter than before that fateful day?


No, others argue; nothing's light within the cold.

Anything is heavier when supported alone.

To all of new dangers you are now p...

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There's so much hate in the world,

But only because there's so much hate in me.

There's so much love in the world,

But only because there's so much love in me.


So when I cut my wrists

Then press to them a kiss,

I show the kinds of things

The world's hypocrissy brings.


I hate me, then love me.

It's a never ending cycle.

I'll hurt myself, then I'll love myself...

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