How can something so sweet, be so bitter?

Your love was something special, it has never withered.

The night sky comes creeping in as a shadow

As soon as the light is gone, my smile fades

The true side of my heart turns old and gray

For I do not wish to keep living this way

The bottle has been too friendly to me, these last couple days


Morning breaks, another night accomplished.

Don't want to get out of bed, feeling too sick and naseous.

Maybe today will be the day, that I'll follow through with this process

That this broken heart will mend and I will feel flawless

But all this time spent thinking,

I've been useless to this progress by all of the drinking.

Here comes the darkness, my dear old friend

Creeping up to me as I lay in my bed.

Dead to the world, and dead in my head

It takes over my mind and body and I cannot contend

How can something so sweet, be so bitter?

She left me alone and took all of my heart with her.







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Audrey Aka

Fri 11th Sep 2015 16:30

this is is eerily beautiful. I love it

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