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Dry eyes in the house

Maybe because when it came

It felt like the end of summers, forever,

And, off a poor night’s sleep

I was listening to John Coltrane on repeat

Like a cliché,

Unshowered, way after noon.


So that when the rain arrived,

A promise of popping candy,

Hungry, urgent messages from the sky

That transformed the kids in the nursery

Into a scene from the Lord of The ...

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Winter, is here. Am I?

This is inspiration from the ice breeze, and cold realisation with my love. 


Has it always been this cold?

I don't remember shivering so often. Nor my back cramping in pain.

Something is changing. Something is different. 

As weather patterns come and go, so do you.


How can it be that the amount of love I need, doesn't need me.

Doesn't come to me. Blows over my skin, ...

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Climateloverelationshipsdramasex lessweatherintimate

The Reign of Rain

Cool and softly falls the rain,
from the silvery sky,
it comes sweetly hissing on my roof,
refreshing the world with its life-giving nectar.

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The storm after the storm

In general, it is possible to fly,

This requires a certain solitude,

And I don't mean temporarily,

Immobility breeds creation,

Just like being blind heightens the other senses,

It's easy, they say, if you know how,

To weather the storm after the storm,

Keeping your ideas close in case,

Another comes rolling along.

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each day the weather changes

clouds or sun or rain in the sky

a kalaidoscope of movements

so easy, why on earth cant I?


there's just the same old cloud

I seem to hold it by some string

it follows me like a stray puppy

in me, cumulo-nimbus is king


I'm caught in a flooded canyon

that black cloud fits like a lid

in my mind is stormy turmoil

dead list of thin...

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Reflections of Love

Hope cannot save what’s forgotten with age

As the moonlight clandestinely shines.

Pieces of souls, washed up on the shores 

Laughing gleefully at the passing of time


Abandoned dreams sink beneath the sand

On which fateful footsteps once tread

Years rage on, crashing silently on rocks

Where despair and weakness once led.


Reflections of love rise up from the deep


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We see above us huge black clouds,
And in the sky they take their place,
Ominous this must now appear,
As people know what they'll soon face.

First begins the frightful rain,
Which crashes through the air
Drenching our tremendous Earth,
All around and everywhere.

Then begins great flashing lights,
And the sound of rumbling thunder.
What creates this frightful picture?
It must surely...

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Stuart VannerThunderstormsWeather

It’s Raining Cats And Dogs

It’s raining it’s pouring

Storm clouds warring

The heavens have opened

About to get drenched.


Splish splash, drip drop

Spit splat, plip plop

Tipping it down

Bucketing down

Falling from the gods,

It's raining stair rods.


Spitting, drizzle

Sunny shower 

Teaming deluge

April shower

Raining cats and dogs,

Nice weather for ducks and frogs

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Chalk-White Moonlight

An Arctic air
pushes past the cracking door
as we step out
into the newly forming night
with many friendly cheers 
chasing us from the hall
The searing wind
grabs you by the ears
seconds abroad
and your bones will know the chill
in the chalk-white light
of this moon

Snow falls slowly
first on the cliffs above the lane
then these cobbles are scribbled out
under a virgin whiteness

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Pissing down



Lashing rain

On my window pane

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Cleveland Cold

The Cleveland cold envelops me like cellophane,

Holding me as tight as a rigor mortis grip,

It clenches at my joints,

Constricting my movement not unlike a python,

Walking feels sluggish,

Lifting my arms is akin to moving through clay,

I revel in the uneasiness of it all,


Splattered across my face,

Despite all of the kinks the cold brings out,

A childlike wonder s...

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Heat Wave

We may all love the summer weather,
And some may be obsessive
But we have such heat right now
That it is incredibly oppressive.

And while it should be nice and pleasant
Right now the heat is too extreme,
And the boiling hot Sun we suffer here
Is one of the greatest we have seen.

We puff and pant and are soaked with sweat,
Thinking: 'How much hotter can this get?'
Or 'if only I could ...

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Stuart VannerHeat WaveSummerThe SunWeather


The prettiest pictures of beauty are formed by nature's own.

Look out for it is free and always alone.

We may see behind a sky that's blue and bold

Shines a glorious globe of greatest gold,

And the wind which swirls in a wavy path

Blows the tears of heaven to create a shallow nature's bath.

And by vast flying vapours various moulds are made,

Slowly travel throughout the light ...

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NatureStuart VannerWeatherWildlife

Twisted Love

Love once bloomed 
like a fragrant flower
in eternal spring.

Through years of 
torrential summer tears, 
then droughts,

the scent faded.

All that seemingly remains
are scorched petals that drop 
like dead leaves in fall.

But, far beneath 
the frozen surface, 
intertwined roots run deep...

Making our twisted love 
hardy, to weather the 
toughest seasons.


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Caledonian Secrets

She’s a mistress that hides her secrets under fret

A flash of Victorian ankle maybe all that you receive

Her true joys often hidden beneath dreich petticoats

She’s the master of mystery, of guile and disguise


The tales she tells echo round the glens

Off barren croft walls and empty harbours

Her booming, brooding silence hides voices

Lost on the winds of time, home, yet no...

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Storm Watcher

He watched the leaves float

in the pond

windmoving on the surface

drop-pitted by rain,

leaves, orange-brown against the black depths


He watched the leaves stick

to the patio

wetgluing to the slate

slickened by the storm,

leaves, orange-brown against the black stone


He watched the leaves move

on the trees

wildwaving off the branches

leafstripped by t...

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Maria remind me of the rain (Song Lyrics)



Am G C Am G C

Am G C F G


Maria remind me of the rain falling - dancing on a hot Spanish roof

falling finding its way

as the heat turned steam - drew away

by a shearing wind (that blew)

while you lay in sequin Spanish lace

Oh I remember

Oh how I remember

The thunder growled

The banshee howled

The dancing rain

pounded and groomed the ground


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music lyricsweather

And Now The Weather

And Now The Weather


Rain drops smudge the inky page,

snowflakes on the talk shows,

the sun bakes hard the daily news.

That’s the way the wind blows.


Lightning strikes the gossip columns,

thunder rustles print rows,

All Hail the brave reporters.

That’s the way the wind blows.


Sleet and mizzle obscure truth,

pressure builds in highs and lows

from dull ...

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common sensenanny statenewspriorityreportingweather


16th July 2018

In places the grass is brown and dry

The garden is a desert of cracked peat

Plants dead and trees about to die

Only my sunflower loves the heat

But this is Wales, yet

nearly all of my bees

have never known these





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It falls from the sky

Beautiful as it lays on the ground 

Kind of even

Sound proofs everything

Ice the snow

Sounds of sprinkles on a cake

Its white all around

It only comes during cold weather

Except it seems, like its here everyday

White like the world we live in 

Its not a winter wonderland

It makes my soul cold

Frost bite I feel it coming on

I fight agains...

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Racing Back to London

Veering through Northern valleys
Nocturnal nomad chasing lights
Squinting through misty glass at
Rural black
Hills rising raucously
Perfidious silhouettes whispering
Shadows looming
GPS. Reroute. M1. 
Settings were fucked - avoid motorways? 
No wonder

Back to the linear path
Diving towards the sprawling metropolis
Hours to go.
Adjusting frequencies -
The Wind Cries Mary.

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A Fair Exchange

"Wine is sunlight held together by water" - Galileo Galilei

That cold May week in England
with its soggy clouds and sullen skies
seemed to offer little cheer
as the sun meekly went early to bed

But on Italian slopes, she was doing a far better job;
shining with vigour and love
caressing the grapes, forcing a smile
pressing them into action

Yorkshire’s becks and streams did their p...

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A warm welcome ...

Hi Everyone,

The Isles of Scilly are a jumble of granite scraps thrown down twenty-eight miles west from the coast of Cornwall. Five of them offer shelter and a living for some one and a half-thousand people. Needless to say, for a community that sits permanently in the eye of Atlantic storms through the winter, and basks in beautiful, temperate Gulf Stream-fed summers, there is no shortage of ...

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wildlifenatureweatherIsles of Scilly

I'll Get My Coat

I'll Get My Coat

The weather girls sang "it's raining men"
but not here, it's just raining. Again
Just pissing down with bloody rain
gallons of water, down the drain.
When will it stop? Who bloody knows
I wish it was winter, it might have snowed,
a light drizzle would make a change
instead of this heavy, driving rain.
The housebound dog with full bladder
won't go out but watches the sp...

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Weatherbritish summer

Into The Wilderness

Into the Wilderness


Into the wilderness we went. Edhweirft and Hwyrflung swirled above us, blowing and bustling through the treetops. Watching. Threatening. But maintaining a safe distance as the trees protected us








... we went, as the gloam drew in. Druuuuuin!! Closer. Druuuuuuuuiiiiinnnn!!!!! Closer. It hugs, this gloa...

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Nonsensetreesnonsense verseAlice In WonderlandLewis Carrolljabberwockwildernesswoodsweatherwindrainthunderlighteningdestructionnaturefractalsdanger

Aberaeron (after the storm)

Surging urging, brown, dense molass,

Upheaving through harbour gap,

Foaming deluge broken, unspent,

Over angular boulder castlement,

And with weighty mass continuing on,

To swell and play,

Mongst boats,

In harbour,


From the upwelling foray.

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November struggles to help itself up

but ignored by the cataract sky

with its rotting damask

drowns slowly like a rat



while the days cry out for sleep

cast their leaden verdict

bedding down on pillows

of hedge    bank    ruts

ifs and buts.

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Rain Dancers

The window wide open,
I look to the street
And listen to raindrops
Sporadically beat.
The splitter and splatter
Of dancing on slate,
The light slowly dimming,
The time getting late.
They shimmy down drainpipes
And glide down the pane,
Pirouette off the people
Protected from rain,
In waterproof raincoats
With hoods fastened tight,
Like rain is so vicious
With deadliest bite.
But her...

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Cold to the touch and as old as time itself, the eons fall by the wayside as the dawns come and go just like rain falling from the sky.

Just now like before things are changing, constantly, forever more.

Nothing stays the same – even the rocks and stones are worn away,

ground away until only sand remains.

Time defeats everything from the dinosaurs to the ic...

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stonelast forevertimeweatheraeonschange


they promised us "no rain" but

here we are

at the aptly named Water Lane

where the trees, be-whiskered of finger,

stroke their leaf free, would be, chins

bemused by roots once dry and thin now

fat and drunk


so let’s begin


we passed a fox

we passed a hound

but then a somewhat grisly mound

mechanically rendered

and from that point south ...

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The General Synopsis At 0-600 AD

unbound sky wolves

slaver their granite miasma

then grizzle above and around.


Odin’s bane, biding

such furious a discharge

set amongst  heofon to scourge


a panic of flight

where the divided are devoured

in a geraz ecstasy


the four stags bellow

a chilling blast

of spittle drenched



Yggdrasil’s children

tremble ...

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eddaweathernorseAnglo Saxon

storm chaser


The clouds of your storm are filled with lollipops and pounding thoughts.
Raining on sad clowns, you turn frowns upside down.
Your lightning creates a sound soothing to the crown.
Your image, as an imprint in the sky, never disappears from our mind.
The weather makes us feel better…incredible sensations!
Yeah, we see you over there laughing at your own creations.

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ClowdsHeartTravelsWeatherShelternuclear warflowers optimism happinessRazoredgeflakefunkartistdancefireshoesbutterflies

Our Home Cannot Be Here

I lit a fire on the beach
Just as you were feeling beaten by the wind
We can't hear anything in this weather
But the waves and the crackling wood
You don't speak anyway
We have nothing we care to say

Our human silences amid nature's screams
Fill me with a loss so unforgettable
Our human silences amid nature's screams
Fill me with a void so inescapable

The sky goes dark and the sea sl...

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beachbreak-upbreaking upnatureseparatingweatherwind

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