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Dry eyes in the house

Maybe because when it came

It felt like the end of summers, forever,

And, off a poor night’s sleep

I was listening to John Coltrane on repeat

Like a cliché,

Unshowered, way after noon.


So that when the rain arrived,

A promise of popping candy,

Hungry, urgent messages from the sky

That transformed the kids in the nursery

Into a scene from the Lord of The ...

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An Englishman in Israel

An Englishman in Israel

Jewels in the sand.

From a giant cushion of cloud I descend,

into evening sun-setting on the Middle East.

Blue into grey, into orange, into white

and finally falling back into blue.

Ground comes up to greet us as we seem to pass through tall bushy trees, …

… into what?

Had someone thrown jewels on a desert floor? Some gold, some silver, and some whit...

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Middle EastIsraelJazzDead SeaJerusalemDesertsTel Aviv

Miles and John

John and Miles on the final tour

soaring like eagles in my ears

The wind breezes past my open face

And wafts the melody high up into the heavens

where it sounds out its angelic anthem

Broadcast to the entire globe

Marvelling in its musical wizardry

Triumphing in its tuneful finery.

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Sunday morning time

My mind is calmed now 
Just rested today as music plays
The radio emitting nothing thoughts
chilled sounds of  instruments 
Tuned to songs and voices in melancholy talk

Creative mind can awaken now
As a rare creature from its cave
The dangers of crazed crowds
Far away from the this morning 
Sunday's best for breakfast time

6 Music BBC just beats away
A Welsh soft voice DJs to start ...

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Jazz - September Collage Poem


Breeze of loss blows

an Autumn anomaly


To those who don't like jazz

please have a change of heart


Piercing my eyes like sharpened glass

a salty boy stands in dark shadows


It's like watching paint dry

I am ready to like jazz


Let's ask Matt and Phred - Is jazz dead?

The paintings cost more than you think


Ready to open another door

like s...

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collageJazzStockport write out loud

lost highways

Later on we walked down to the jazz bar

Where Charles Mingus and Duke Ellington

Threw out wah-wah dreams

The trumpets whispered mysteries

Martini false dawns

Hi-hats leading us through the looking glass

We danced until death

Folding into each other like a deck of cards

Until we could take it no more

And as the saxophone reached its violent crescendo

And the jazz man c...

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Heliograph (for Sun Ra)

photo credit Bill Cottman

Heliograph (for Sun Ra)

Earth found choices are few

                  When Earth isn’t home

Distortions are reflections of sadness

                  What sounds like chaos is fresh beginnings

Somewhere in collages of sound is un-imposed order

                           Organic beauty

Freedom between naiveté and ancient wisdom

Heliocentric realit...

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black holesgladiolasHeliographJ. Otis Powell‽jazzspace is the placeSun Raunimposed order


 Jazz Poetry Nights at Pangea Project, Stoke Newington, London.

Opposite Morrisons, ST PATRICK'S DAY, 17th March....


1-Jonny Virgo: Hip hop artist- promoting his new CD

2-Ira Menin: Italian R & B and jazz singer (pictured right)

3-Brother Niyi: Afro Beat poet and percussionist

4-Ogmios- Local Stoke Newington hip hop poet

5-Tunes Under Fire- Free jazz guitar and sax...

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