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The Criticisms

Crash down on me like Thunder

So tired of the Storms

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Law and Order

Below par at love and related acts,

He watched the village, knowing how it worked.

He spied on locals, testing their strengths;

Weaknesses too: drink, cards, the other sex.

They all said his life would end up badly,

And it did: shot, in his lair of blackmail.

The obvious suspects: the vicar’s wife,

Whom he caught horizontal one hot night;

The bank manager, dipping in the sa...

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Winter, is here. Am I?

This is inspiration from the ice breeze, and cold realisation with my love. 


Has it always been this cold?

I don't remember shivering so often. Nor my back cramping in pain.

Something is changing. Something is different. 

As weather patterns come and go, so do you.


How can it be that the amount of love I need, doesn't need me.

Doesn't come to me. Blows over my skin, ...

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Climateloverelationshipsdramasex lessweatherintimate


Back in the late 90s when life was still simple but verging on breaking but little we knew 


We didn't have mobiles 

We would call up on landlines 


Meet there on time 

Back then the sky seemed more blue 


Dance college limbering 

Boys cloakrooms mingling 

Latin American dance

Silvers and leotard..tap shoes and ballet shoes 

Jazz boots and shiny sweat pa...

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DancedramaLiverpool theatre school

Baggy Time

The Limericist watched,
the stage was set,
the crowd took their seats.

Act One:
Lim walks Bella,
a stubborn 14-year-old 13-inch beagle
who almost yanks Lim's arm
out of joint to chase a morning squirrel,

but Lim is hardly aware
because he is amused within himself,
thinking - Drama .. drama, everything is drama:

Bloody Christ dying on a cross with sad eyes,
audiences all choked up...

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dramaKenneth Burke


I often visit the place

where we fell to our deaths

a cathedral now stands

on the site we shattered skulls

and protruded bones

while passionate stone columns

and blushing glass windows

tower over our pooling blood

which was always so you

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lifedramadrama queenyou

The Overland Launch

The Overland Launch:

In the land of Coleridge and his Ancient Mariner,

    In a time of coal fires, wooden boats and horsepower,

There is a story of the Lynmouth Lifeboat Louisa

    And the night horse and man over 13 miles pulled her.


Two of the afternoon clock struck a chime,

    On January 12th, 1899.

The wind howled and the sea it roared,

    Flooding ports and rai...

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real lifehistorydrama

addicts lie

"boop boop beep beep boop bup bip beep" go the alerts and synaptic responses

too fast to process, too repetitive to want to

"spit that out, it's toxic" I warned

as he slurped up drama in great mouthfulls, as if she were kool-aid

he would slice open a vein and welcome drama directly if she asked him to

surreptitious texting continues beneath the table

eyes downcast, thumbs flying ...

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I need you

My love, I need you.

Here I am falling in love with the beauty of the world.

Waiting for you, as if it were the end of the world.

I do not mind the wait,

I have the time.

But I have to be honest,

I need you.

I've felt you before,

and that's fine

Someday I'll see you,

and I'll know.

And even if you do not know, it's fine.

I have love to give and loves will ...

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aestheticcouplesdramadreamsfriendsfutureheylifelovenewpoempoetpuerto ricanwaiting


MAN:          In so short a time

I saw a future



From the formless waters


From the darkness

The way begins

All words are water



GAIA:             From my innermost being

       I gave abundance!

My words flow from the mountain top

My words give succour to the land

My words are the waters of the sea


PRIEST:          The ...

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