Dry eyes in the house

Maybe because when it came

It felt like the end of summers, forever,

And, off a poor night’s sleep

I was listening to John Coltrane on repeat

Like a cliché,

Unshowered, way after noon.


So that when the rain arrived,

A promise of popping candy,

Hungry, urgent messages from the sky

That transformed the kids in the nursery

Into a scene from the Lord of The Flies


It turned the air in the room

Not blue, exactly, but…empty.

So we could listen to the secrets

The sun had withheld from us.


There’s so much power

In making things wet.

How it summons

The song of a thousand small sorrows

I wanted to forget.


◄ Are we grains of salt?

Eden ►


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Bryony Partridge

Wed 17th Aug 2022 22:24

Thank you Graham; love the phrase “charismatic word picture” 😌

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Graham Sherwood

Wed 17th Aug 2022 17:25

“I was listening to John Coltrane on repeat. Like a cliché, Unshowered, way after noon”.

What a charismatic word picture. These three lines stand out.

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