The General Synopsis At 0-600 AD

unbound sky wolves

slaver their granite miasma

then grizzle above and around.


Odin’s bane, biding

such furious a discharge

set amongst  heofon to scourge


a panic of flight

where the divided are devoured

in a geraz ecstasy


the four stags bellow

a chilling blast

of spittle drenched



Yggdrasil’s children

tremble and

shake their wiry heads


then  pliant,

as the tossed vessels

forged of their progenitors

osseous sacrifice,

become compelled to stoop

and kiss their

mother’s back


while the aged hurl death,

with their breaking bones,

into the midst of this

wailing blue

rage of harts


yet those raven’s

maintain a recondite



and await the scavengers


with no words

for Odin’s ears

Anglo Saxoneddanorseweather

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