storm chaser

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The clouds of your storm are filled with lollipops and pounding thoughts.
Raining on sad clowns, you turn frowns upside down.
Your lightning creates a sound soothing to the crown.
Your image, as an imprint in the sky, never disappears from our mind.
The weather makes us feel better…incredible sensations!
Yeah, we see you over there laughing at your own creations.
I felt your breeze in my direction, it was oh so sweet!
I wake up every day to find that you propel my feet.
-You are a funnel cloud that only touches down in peace:
Dancing, skipping, as you roam floating free
Spinning whirlwinds, twirling, and sharing all your heat.
Thunders of a separate storm spoke a song to me,
of why I long to stand under your rain.
It sang:
- "Look into the sky, she's a reflection of you.
She holds many storms, and real things to do.
Look into yourself, and you shall see the sky.
The sky is always moving, so why don't you try?"
- "storm chaser"

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