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We take so much for granted

from this world on which we play,

the breath inside our lungs

drawn in from a cold and windy day.


Draining the life from a world already

so drawn and stretched to it's limits,

desperately trying to imbibe

the scarcities still deep within it.

To live; to breathe; to follow time

as down the wind it sails

against all odds and obstacl...

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caterpillars caterpillars
everywhere you look
creeping into corners
no one gives a fuck
peering from the darkness
in the shelter of a door
praying for forgiveness
hungry cold and poor

caterpillars caterpillars
down upon their luck
pleading from their makeshift beds
no one gives a fuck
pressing against cold brick
crawling on the floor
crying for their past lives

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storm chaser

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The clouds of your storm are filled with lollipops and pounding thoughts.
Raining on sad clowns, you turn frowns upside down.
Your lightning creates a sound soothing to the crown.
Your image, as an imprint in the sky, never disappears from our mind.
The weather makes us feel better…incredible sensations!
Yeah, we see you over there laughing at your own creations.

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