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: The cup that broke :

The cup that broke housed a thought.

                     A nascent bud, not blooming yet!

But the hand of chance with the pot,

                  Filled the cup with a different fate!


Smiling lips drank up the infusion.

                  Tho' the process of a nascent mind,

Failed to make the thought sustain!

                      A shattered cup was left behind!

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: The Place Within :

When your times become tough,

and your road ahead is rough.

And all your brilliant thoughts,

Have come out to noughts.

And then uncertainties begin -

Just find the time to look within.


When you're searching for the track -

You had missed somewhere back.

And leaden of foot, tired and sore -

You feel lost and venture no more.

Then, to start moving afresh again;


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: After :

The only thing that is left,

                        After people die.

Is an essence all bereft,

                        Of every earthly lie.

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PoetryQuatrainAlternate_Rhymesshort poem

: Prose and Poetry :

He thought in prose everyday.

And in prose he made his way.


His head held the heart in check.

The heart had no choice to make.


Often it would in a silent mourn -

Stifle a sigh and a silent groan!


His head preferred nothing less.

The heart kept trying nevertheless.


Then deep inside he heard it's voice.

One day thus he made the choice.


And to hi...

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: Living :

Some fragments of time.

Some moments sublime.


          Some lingering thoughts.

          Some yeses and noughts.


Some presence so dear.

Some laughter to share.


           Some instants of grief.

           Some feelings too deep.


Some tasks to be done,

Till there are none.


Suvendra C Dasgupta

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: In Solitude :

From the subconscious mind,

Came a memory lost behind.

It reminded me of, gently then,

A music pure and fresh as rain.


I felt the tunes play in my soul.

The familiar melody to enthrall.

So long lost in the layers of time,

Heard it again - just as pristine!


Then back it went to nethermind.

A caressing whisper it left behind.

I felt it then - with some surpris...

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: Alone in the Rain :

Walking in the rain all alone.

Tripping thru' nature's home.

On the stage of the field ahead,

the water drops perform.

The trees murmur, sing and rejoice.

With the rains they found their voice.

No keening wail in tempests wry,

but a happy voice in joyous cry,

of nature reborn.


Walking in the rain all alone.

I need no friend, for company.

I want no body to come...

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: That Distant While :

Oh! How fast the times did really fly!

Those days of yore no more near by.


The distant days under a distant sun,

And distant thoughts only half begun.


Thinking over and over what I should,

In those distant moments of solitude.


And distant words - faint echoes now.

Some distant dreams had died somehow!


Those faded prints from a distant spell,

Just memo...

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