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2 little girls


the back seat


3 bags of candy


upset tummies

from too many yummies

By Lynn Hahn

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Just A Simple Trip

riding through the wild ways

the green lays

the driven baize

and blinded

by the rain brilliant

bitumen burnishing

sun strafed degenerate rays

every crested rise

revealed an air superior

gray dicing the mazarine,

slicing the fourteen plus,

between here

and where I should have been

no storied moral here

just a simple trip

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drivingtripwind turbines


they promised us "no rain" but

here we are

at the aptly named Water Lane

where the trees, be-whiskered of finger,

stroke their leaf free, would be, chins

bemused by roots once dry and thin now

fat and drunk


so let’s begin


we passed a fox

we passed a hound

but then a somewhat grisly mound

mechanically rendered

and from that point south ...

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Together we go to the nuclear bunker in York.                                                               

You wear red and black how Goth.                                                                          

You’re my pipistrelle bat.                                                                                 

How special is our day out but we hav...

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gothladylovemy karennuclear bunkerromancetripyour






Monochrome images swirl and collide on the surface of my mind,

round and round they go through the loops and coils of my brain.

Slowly they submerse themselves in colour, so much colour more

than in a rainbow.

Every image and sight I have ever seen is in here all waiting to show

themselves when the time is right.

The alcohol I had earli...

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mindmy headsurrealtrip

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