November struggles to help itself up

but ignored by the cataract sky

with its rotting damask

drowns slowly like a rat



while the days cry out for sleep

cast their leaden verdict

bedding down on pillows

of hedge    bank    ruts

ifs and buts.





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Tue 1st Dec 2015 10:31

Thanks Mark. Any diversion is a relief from the dullness.
I don't think pelicans are viewed with much fondness at the best of times (huge at the front) and waddling about in despair.

Blimey, David. I think the unshaven version is worth investigating any month. Seasons and reasons -another poem perhaps! RAy

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M.C. Newberry

Mon 30th Nov 2015 16:20

I think of November like an interlude from the cinemas of
my youth - near silence & lights dim until the main feature
(read: "winter" in this case) was due to arrive.
A seagull eating a dead rat reminds me of the report
here in central London of a pelican swallowing a live pigeon
in St James' Park. Nature isn't all David Attenborough and
comforting "Save the (fill in your choice)" charities!

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Sun 29th Nov 2015 20:58

Cheers Colin - I love the way you mention that and "pleasure boat" in the same sentence!! Ray

<Deleted User> (13762)

Sun 29th Nov 2015 18:10

I once watched a seagull swallow a whole drowned sodden rat whilst I sat eating my breakfast in a pleasure boat moored opposite a rowing club jetty in Norwich. It was a ghastly sight - a bit like this November. Let's hope December brings us crisp sunny days to clear the mind.

A well written and thought out poem Ray.

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Sun 29th Nov 2015 15:46

So nice to get your comment David. The ignoring feels like part of the month! I think some poets including yourself have done November already, but this is like a kick in the arse as it leaves the universe.
Yes, to be born is a serious thing anytime but this month.....
We're fine thanks. Share a drink old mate with my thoughts. Ray

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