I'll Get My Coat

I'll Get My Coat

The weather girls sang "it's raining men"
but not here, it's just raining. Again
Just pissing down with bloody rain
gallons of water, down the drain.
When will it stop? Who bloody knows
I wish it was winter, it might have snowed,
a light drizzle would make a change
instead of this heavy, driving rain.
The housebound dog with full bladder
won't go out but watches the splatter
as droplets land on the window cill
counting in dog years the time until
the door is opened and can go outside
and cock it's leg with canine pride.
Flash floods are blocking local roads
swapped car for a dingy has Mr Toad
scything through puddles as he passes by
piss wet pedestrians wish they were dry,
dry and warm in comfort at home
not out in the wet and gloom all alone.
A temporary letup by the weather gods
changes it to drizzle from stair rods
and people secretly, inwardly cheer
at the change in seasons. Summers here!


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