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Arrive Alive

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Road crashes are every minute 
Here and there, in every point 
More than a million killed a year 
And speed is death, no doubt 


“Drive Safely” is only choice 
ٍSafety belt, has no "price" 
Come back safe for the family 
We live "once", not twice 


Road is not real excuse 
But the behavior is a main cause 
For crashes all over that world 
No more anger .. no abuse


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Racing Back to London

Veering through Northern valleys
Nocturnal nomad chasing lights
Squinting through misty glass at
Rural black
Hills rising raucously
Perfidious silhouettes whispering
Shadows looming
GPS. Reroute. M1. 
Settings were fucked - avoid motorways? 
No wonder

Back to the linear path
Diving towards the sprawling metropolis
Hours to go.
Adjusting frequencies -
The Wind Cries Mary.

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Please keep on the grass

Please keep on the grass

Smoking allowed

Nine people in this lift

Play your music loud

Please play ball games

By the entry sign

No speed limit

No closing time

22 units every week

Leave open the gate

Don’t sign in on entry

Stay out until late

Please unfasten your seatbelt

This will be an unpleasant ride

Don’t say I didn’t warn you


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Encounter (This Motorway's Mine)

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Encounter (This Motorway’s Mine).


A black crow struts down the central reservation,

pecking at the remnants of undefined road-kill.

The white dotted line stretches out forever –

reminds me of the perforated slip on a tax form –

something that’s required but causes great effort

to tear along regardless, and sod the consequence.


A lemon-curd sandwich, parke...

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accidentcrashguiltm62road ragespeed

How to make speed


For this experiment you will need… Regular table salt, household ammonia with a high percentage of commercial nitrogen, one pint of methanol, talcum powder, muriatic acid, Vicks Nasal Inhalers, and a well ventilated room. Do not be fooled into thinking that this method is 100% safe, as it will probably kill you…


Take your scissors to your nasal spray,

Pray for a lazy day,


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