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Leaves drift caught in sun

shafts shimmer gold as silver

gifts splash outstretched hand

water spheres hurled from

nebulous grey clouds above

swirling winds tease memories


Frances Macaulay Forde © 2010

(Written to artwork in Raincheck Exhibition by Jessica McCallum in 2010.)

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The Shed

Hanging in the shed

Are four dead pheasants and a woodcock


On a makeshift table

Some half-eaten sandwiches and a thermos


A drab green waterproof

Hangs on a nail above some boots and drips


The man sits talking to a friend

And rubbing his damp hair with an old towel


Outside dogs are sniffing around the cars

Ignoring the rain one man is hunched over his ...

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Raining In The South

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It's raining in the south
preparing all the ways that we've lost,
it's raining in the south
against the truth and the wisdom,
against the back and wrath,
from the moment that we crashed into.
It's raining in the south
and we are not the only one.
And all of the bodies
just trying to be ignored,
refreshing their lifes,
protecting their core.
Who and when, what is it all about?
It's rai...

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