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The Reign of Rain

Cool and softly falls the rain,
from the silvery sky,
it comes sweetly hissing on my roof,
refreshing the world with its life-giving nectar.

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The Shadow of the Wind

Under the moon's silver glow
I heard the wind blow
the autumn leaves flew past me,
like charms in night's debris,

the wind it cools,
the night was full of the airs of scented jewels,
the breeze blew on the lake causing ripples of light and shadow,
I hear the wind's cries and see its tears which fly and show,

as crystalline glowing rain, it is the coming of a storm,
the shadows of the ...

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rainstorm. lake.the windwindwinds

Rainy Day

The sun went hiding

Behind the dark lump of clouds

The sky starts crying

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rainrainy day


each day the weather changes

clouds or sun or rain in the sky

a kalaidoscope of movements

so easy, why on earth cant I?


there's just the same old cloud

I seem to hold it by some string

it follows me like a stray puppy

in me, cumulo-nimbus is king


I'm caught in a flooded canyon

that black cloud fits like a lid

in my mind is stormy turmoil

dead list of thin...

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Ek Anjaana sa rishta hai tera mera..
Kuch khaas, anokha ,ankaha..
Aane se tere bhar jaati hai rooh sukoon se..
Jab ati hai maati ki khushbu, maano jud jati hu me fir khud se..

Kya kehti hai ye boonde teri,
Kya laati hai sandesh baadalo se..
Samjh le jo inhe fir kabhi na kare bagawat inse.

Bas yuhin tum dheeme dheeme aati rehna.
Apna ye sangeet in kaano ko sunati rehna.
In boondo ke ad...

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Rain, I love this day!!⛈☔

Rain in itself is an emotion.

For some emotion of love and romance,

for others emotion of sadness by chance,

but for me, it's an emotion of calmness, I stance.


In those time of rain, 

electricity goes away,

cold winds began to slay.

Forcing me to say;

I love this day.


In those times of rain,

days seem to be dull

but the breeze acts as a pull.

Plants be...

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Notice (Haiku)

Rain sustains us all

But we don't stop to notice;

We just let it fall.

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dubito ergo sumRain

The Roaring Rain Outside


roaring rain


     the distant duckpond




angry clouds

          sit low



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dubito ergo sumRain


hinterlands intact,

forests not a hell,

grass not wheat,

soft cold rain fell


heavens doing what

open clear skies do,

pilgrims of sunlight,

days honestly new


no forever anymore,

now the foe is time,

some end's in sight,

verses don't rhyme


tarnished the sward,

ox-skulls bleaching,

toll paid for a blind,

low, over-reaching


truths die...

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I Love the Sound

I love the sound of falling rain

Upon my bedroom windowpane

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Raindubito ergo sum

four room house

little four room house



little four room house

had an old tin roof


when it stormed

rain made wonderful sounds

for the boy

lying in bed listening


daddy said it sounded like

a cow peeing


daddy resented

the rain on

the tin roof because roof leaked


daddy and boy would have

to climb ladder to attic to

empty the coffee cans spaced


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tin roofrainlittle housecountry

Blue Umbrella

sun shines down on love

rain spatters lonely grief

only my blue umbrella's

a consolation and relief


she's left me for another

I'm stuck in a Scotch mist

imagining her in his arms

the passion of their tryst


but for my blue umbrella

I'd sink down and drown

or reach for my hat and

decamp to another town


the storm rages overhead

my umbrella keeps m...

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