Winter, is here. Am I?

This is inspiration from the ice breeze, and cold realisation with my love. 


Has it always been this cold?

I don't remember shivering so often. Nor my back cramping in pain.

Something is changing. Something is different. 

As weather patterns come and go, so do you.


How can it be that the amount of love I need, doesn't need me.

Doesn't come to me. Blows over my skin, going past me.

Trying to warm up and feeling strangely aware of the ice, I search and find the oil heater. I can't remember the last time that it was needed. 

My oil heaters good. It's slowly returning my room to a tolerable temperature.

I look around. I look into you. Into me. Into, this. 

When did it start to get this cold, I find myself asking, myself. 

Why does my heart want us to be each other's number one fans, but we are seperate blankets.

My oil heaters good. This environment isn't. 

As I hear the good bumps on my skin begin to crack, I look around and see myself covered in ice. Funny that, I've just never noticed how much warmth I need.

I look at my oil heater. The room is almost tolerable. It's worked well, but it to, took time.

I see myself in the reflection of the warming metal.

Why can't I feel this way?

Climate change, climates change, love, changed.

I need to make a change.

Just like the oil heater, I begin the process, slow and stable.

I see myself now. Again. The snow has fallen off my skin. I can't remember the last time I had no layers, yet felt warm.

I too, am returning to a tolerable temperature.

After not realising I've spent 2 years, frozen.

Being stuck in ice, black over my eyes, my skin cracking when, if, touched. It almost never happens, that's why it's my skin is so hard.

Our love has gone from Lava to Antarctica,

and my heart has started to melt the layers of skin, no longer does it matter our infrastructure.

Our time is over.

I've warmed my own glacier. 


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Russell Jacklin

Sat 11th Jun 2022 15:05

Fully understand this winter chilling, been there, got the paraffin burner

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