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Silent Wash

It’s a direct drive of fifty litres

From me to you.

Six hundred miles north

Until I’m resting my eyes on your face:

That soothing easy care

From the dial and touch

Of your features


The mixed fabric of your voice

Trickling through my cells.


I am freestanding

But will bloom

When you enter the room.


Until then,

I’m in this intensive


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I have a crush on one of the inanimate pirates at Pirate Crazy Golf

All that plundering 

And wanton shivering of his timber 

Has brought comeuppance

And seagull shit 

Raining down.


This stud must have raked the whips of hell

Through every great ocean on earth

To have been sentenced

To imprisonment here. 


On the crust of the English Channel. 


Fenced in 

With salt breath 

A torture on his back. 


Forced in


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When I’m around you

I feel turned up


Safe and so at home

Like an egg

In a nest

Halfway up a mountain.

There’s a lot

To be nervous about

But flying

Is still a possibility.

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I found my bliss 

Heading south on the A23

She’s a rollerskate

He’s a magnet 

Like the easy way 

Water slides down your throat. 


Me, a pearl of existence 

Gently cooking in this black car 

Heat. From July. Discomfort 

In the way my baths

Are always stifling. 


A glissando of tyres 

Droning down to the coast 

Under a weatherless sheet 

Of baby blue...

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Dry eyes in the house

Maybe because when it came

It felt like the end of summers, forever,

And, off a poor night’s sleep

I was listening to John Coltrane on repeat

Like a cliché,

Unshowered, way after noon.


So that when the rain arrived,

A promise of popping candy,

Hungry, urgent messages from the sky

That transformed the kids in the nursery

Into a scene from the Lord of The ...

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Are we grains of salt?

It’s better than a lie in

Meeting you on the shore of a perfect morning

And watching the wickedly submissive water.


Peeling off our winter layers


Feeling the sweet bite of the air

Trapped like a cut before the pain comes.


We stride in, then - licked

By gentle waves that flash freeze us

Into this embryonic state


We’re going for it,

Hands leadi...

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untitled pillows

untitled pillows


Dawn disclosed it –

Light from an honest butter sky

Reveling in a freelance body next to me,

With our fragrant attraction

As dried up

As an Atacamian kiss.


I put in me

Sweet, sweet whiskey

Sweet scorned man.


Back then, under the accents

And sweet reprieve of street swept skies

We had clinked our glasses several times

In mome...

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In the hammock

In the hammock


On days of tomatoes

Cheese and bread

When light breezes

Make the orchard leaves

Chuckle and quiver

With gossip from the mountains


When a head of dead wine

Falls in step

With the mood

Rather than being a weight

On your ankle


There is time to marvel

At the power of stillness

And the way that calm

Can be the raison d'êtr...

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To the man wanking at us on the nudist beach

To the man wanking at us on the nudist beach.


My body

Is the iron of my ancestors:

Constant creation.

It is weightless

In water,

A ripple

It stretches and shrinks

Like the days of summer.

My body runs warm like a shower

Glows like a gallop

Ripens and slides with sweat.

My body eats the world

Licking every second

And glides into itself


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