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kill me.

entry picture

Pain in my stomach, heart, mind,
stabs of a knife 
I yearn for this piercing pain 
I've lacked it far too long.

Ungrateful love:
Punch me, hurt me, kill me almost.


so later
when the rain has ceased
a flower can bloom again
a new blossom
the same plant

Revive me, ungrateful love
Make me another

Kill me.

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Picking Fruit

A field of choices

Rotten cherries scatter us

Piercing white noise breathing

Bow to the mirror

Heart stops, feet sinking

I hope you love loneliness.

Cloud kisses turn into lemons

Miles to go

Sheets that resume the velvet


Never going.

Wheels that turn gold into rust

Frazzled metal pieces

Doors less traveled

Turn off the questions

Faucets drip


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break-upemotionsfruitGertrude stein

Chapter 16: I've Got A Bad Habit of Making Boys Cry

entry picture

I wish he didn’t look at me like that

With those gentle eyes of his

He thinks I’m some heroine laced in gold

But he can’t see through my poor disguise


Please don’t fall in love with me I tell him

I've got a bad habit of making boys cry

I’ll break your heart

And you don’t deserve that kind of fate


I'm not your perfect picture

I’m not your favorite song

I’m no...

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Too Proud to be happy!

Thanks, I realized who are you
But before my heart grew

Full of love and deep desire
They could feel between us a fire

I was with you dear always
And really, I had no holidays

Hospital could be my second home
Didn't stop me even a storm

After all I did for you 
I get words but only few

That was fair enough
To see the real stuff

The real truth knocked me off my feet
You are...

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Chapter 2:Her

entry picture

You were the center of my universe

The gravity that pulled me down

The sun in my life.

But the light in you has burnt out


There was a look in your eye

And it screamed "Farewell, my love"

It tears me apart piece by piece

Knowing that you’re six feet below me now


I want to sleep but my eyes refuse to close

I can’t feel but my heart is broken

And here’s the blo...

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you have left me in a cardboard cut-out world

a rattling pebble chasing the tide

there's a void growing in the garden

a river sobbing down the stairs

snuffed candle incense taints the bedroom

summoning the double blackness again

swimming in shadows

it bleeds colour from the day

time wears away the details

as the photos fill with strangers

Your perfumes t...

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