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David R Mellor

Updated: Mon, 22 Jul 2013 01:59 am

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“ David was born in Liverpool (England) in 1964.He Left school with nothing , rummaging around various dead end jobs ,he then went to college and university . In his 20’s he first discovered poetry ,and starting writing and performing and has done so ever since . He has lived on the Wirral for the past 8 years “ His poetry is described as “powerful, moving and witty” David has performed widely across the UK and printed in various forms


STREET SCENE That’s a tanning studio That’s a chippy That’s a tanning studio That’s a hairdressers Empty shop Empty shop Empty shop That’s a smoke free Wetherspoons That’s a closed pub That’s a closed pub That’s a closed pub That’s a couple strapped for cash That’s a family next door whose giro couldn't last That’s a fake tan That’s a discarded chip paper That’s another fake tan That’s just a street come to the end Hillsborough 96 Pissed on Shit upon Stolen our pride Fiddling the statements Of those that you let die Gone past the cut of point of caring Who was left in the pile? Leaving the ambulances revving No need to push through They’re only football supporters not like me and you Conceited and arrogant blaming the dead for dying Hats off to those who never gave up trying. copyright@David R. Mellor 2012 Dating in a State I’m hanging around on a dating In a state Keyboards covered in tobacco, crisps, sticky with beer Telling someone I like to climb mountains, I’m calm and sensitive and in control But I’m typing.. words …I can’t ….see And I’m starting to spill truths “Divorced” “Kids” “Oh “ I like betting, drinking, smoking ,doing most things to stop me thinking or feeling “Mmm” Kids miles away, and I’m up in the air ……….. Are you still there? © David R Mellor 2013

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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Tommy Carroll

Sun 21st Jun 2015 20:44


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David R Mellor

Tue 14th Apr 2015 19:01

sorry phil only seem your comment now , i would say walking as the words have time to fit what you see , if you see what i mean , thanks for comment

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Phillip Kelly

Sat 31st Jan 2015 09:49

Love the spontaneous poetry of street scene. ...tried that a few times as part of uni studies...but nothing interesting happened....i found bus rides helped. ...ear dropping conversations ...landmarks ...actions...any advice and tips to write spontaneous poetry ?

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David R Mellor

Sat 22nd Jun 2013 08:38

thanks ann this is a great site

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Ann Foxglove

Fri 21st Jun 2013 17:27

Hi David - a warm welcome to WOL - hope you will enjoy being part of the site :)

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