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Do you

Do you have colour in your cheeks?

Do you go to sleep remembering what you seek?

Do you recall what it was like to be corporeal,

or does it not feel like that at all?

Do you wake to find your pillow wet at night?

Do you see the wolves congregating under moonlight,

and howl at your own stupidity for staying inside?

Do you stare at the files on your desk each weekday


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Blood Moon

entry picture

Blood Moon

“Sweet Katarina, dance for me”,
said the man with the black balloon,
whose face looked rather like a wolf
if glanced in the back of a spoon -
and for each dance she did for him
he would pass her another string
with a midnight helium ball
tied on to its end with a ring.

She danced until her little hands
were full of the magical twine
and the villagers all agreed
they’d ne...

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Wild Wolf

entry picture













I heard a wolf

howl at the moon,

I believe it was

sometime in June.


It sounded lonely

it soudnded sad

was I scared?

No I was mad!



The wolf is being

hunted, exterminated.

Why is the wolf

so very hated?

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