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On The Train This Morning

On the train this morning
I sat alone, by the window
Where normally there’d be coffee, warm
and all the world’s news in my ear

Instead, I chose dry silence
I chose the undulating wildness
strobing past my view way
I chose high green hills
and glinting mirrored rivers 
I chose lone trees, centuries old
strong against the elements
I chose lambs and sheep
moving in pairs or herds
I cho...

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They reach me,


I give them my all,

Yet after that,

They leave me Alone.

They will come back,

Once again, for sure,

With a different face,

A different name,

A new personality,

All along,

And once again,

I will give them my all,

Will they, this time

Stay by my side?

I don't know,

But that's how Trust works,

That's how Life works.


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Be Who You Are!!!

Don't let them Judge You,

Don't let them Teach You,

Just be Who You Are!!!


You are Amazing,

Just the Way You Are...

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self lovefire flesh love passion obsessionoptimisticoptimistLove yourselfsoulfoodsoulmindfulpositive

Let them Think...

Every day,

Travelling through Life,

We encounter Them,

Some, maybe true,

Yet many,



They have,

An ever changing mind,

Facing me,

They call me sweet,

Behind my back?

They say I'm rude,

They call me good,

Then say I'm bad,

They say you're the Best,

And then?



Whatever they want,

Whoever they be,

Let them say,


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Heartbreak. Liesbad friendsChaos Life Judgement mental healthBetrayalsoulfoodsoulmindfulpositivehatefreedomdarkskin

Lighthouse of the Soul

love for life
on seas of strife
lighthouse of the soul

walk today
minding the light
as our daily goal

the light shines
through grateful minds
entering made whole

its presence
from us to see
lighthouse of the soul

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A man who once lived in Macclesfield, this poem was written in May 2015

Some truths are hard to conceive

Beyond what I’m able to believe

The joy remembered as tears we cried

How is it 35 years since Ian Curtis died?

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The Healing of Ancient Wounds

She wondered into his place of work

because she thought she was loosing her head

When approached by him she lost herself,

her wits and her heart instead

She found her will to try,

emotions she had lost,

physical urges she thought she had shed

The sight and sound of him,

the insight he shared,

her soul he fed

Cautiously she indulged, 

dependency has only ever bro...

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Talking To Myself

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Soul Food

I think we get confused sometimes, in fact I know we do. 

The curious mind trying to find something exciting, something new. 

Losing sight of our paths, forgetting that... all of this? It's actually a part of our journey. 

I think we try too hard to understand. 

To comprehend

who, what, when, where, why... how? 

I think we forget to live in the now. 

I think we try too hard to...

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Daybreak moments

The day is emerging from its nightly slumber

opening its sleep weary eyes to peak at the surroundings.

The human race joins in this rebirth

every day is a new fresh feast for the senses.


What wonders do I behold

while walking on the near empty street

the distant golden orb shining

its warming rays on my naked face


The strimmer-man at his task

cutting forth the ...

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