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I was taken from this horrible place
All dark and cold and covered in waste
Separated from my sisters and brothers
Now in a cold prison with so many others

Pushed on the floor in a steel cage
Nothing for warmth, will I be here an age
They pushed in some scaps and a few drops of water
And wrote my name down on the next list for slaughter

Light coming in I awaken to cries
This man bangs...

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If Dogs Were Made World Leaders

If dogs were made world leaders

There would be no futile wars

And laws and treaties would be signed

With inky prints of paws


Chihuahuas and Alsatians

Would respect each other’s space

There’d be no United Nations

Just a favourite sniffing place


Summit sessions would be held

In playing fields or parks

With flashing collars de rigeur

For meetings after dar...

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Bobi the oldest dog in the world just turned 31

Still his favorite thing to do is to ride in the car

Also loves to bark at children to get off his lawn

And he'll fetch bones if he remembers where they are

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The Quiet Castle

When he’s tired

Freaked out


My dog Tito steps into his crate, draped in green and gold fabric

To look less like a cage, or a prison.


He stretches, turns around in a perfect circle,

Sighing in comfort

In safety

A sigh of a protected soul,

Dozing off on a velvety black cushion that he himself chose

When he sat on it at the pet store.


A year ago, Ti...

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You ask if I'm okay,
because I am 
unusually quiet 

I'm just trying to keep memories 
behind the flood gates
so they don't sweep me away
to a dark place.

Thank you for being my escape,
a bright light,
my way home, 
my touchstone. 

Your love helps ease the pain.
I don't mean to push you away.
There are so many things I want to say,
but I must go, feed Jake. 


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Talking out loud.

Talking out loud.

Ducks say quack quack quack.
Dogs say woof woof woof.
We go yack yack yack.
Is there a difference?

Ducks and Dogs can relate
with each and every mate.
We study books and the law
and still can't communicate.

When ducks and dogs get cross,
they duke it out to be boss.
Yet there is a difference
between ducks dogs and us.

We think, talk and write about
this and ...

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Her Dog's Voice

This is about my first dog who sparked off my interest in the paranormal due to experiences I had related to him from a young age


When you were a baby

I was a pup

I was always there

To cheer you up

I'd guard your pram

Outside the shops

With my nose

On your door

I'd often knock

I loved days

When we used

To play ball

I'd lick your knee

Each time


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Give a dog a bad name...

A dog is a representation

Of loyalty and dedication;

So, why is it a denigration

To call a man 'a dog'? 


Perhaps, it's vilification;

An outright humiliation, 

For the canine population, 

For a man to be called a dog! 



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Dogs and Decadence

The old man stood, hands on hips, looking around the yard. He saw someone across the yard waving and recognized Remy's bushy gray beard. Remy and Eloise were sat chatting with Steve and Jenny. The old man went over and joined them. He sank down into the white leather sofa. Each of the couples had their own sofas. The sofas, like the awning over them, had all seen better days but oh what luxurious,...

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You Cheating Bitch!


I remember the day when we first met, the day I made you mine,

our eyes met across a crowded room and I fed you a funny line.


"What's a cute thing like you doing in a place like this?" I said,

you came home with me that day and spent the night with me in bed.


I considered you my best friend and gave you everything,

I gave you a home, looked after you and took you unde...

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When I was 7 years old, I went with my mother to visit her friend. I heard a dog bark when we knocked on the door. I love doggies! "Where's your doggie?" I asked. "I put him out back. He's an old police dog and isn't used to kids." 

"Stay away from him," my mother warned. 

Despite her warning, I went in search of the doggie and found him chained to a stake in the ground, head down, dark eyes...

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I Hate Cats!


I hate felines, I hate cats

They’re nasty, malicious little prats

They always land on their feet

They may look fluffy, cute and sweet

But they’ve needles for teeth and razors for claws

That they conceal inside their paws.

I hate their mewl, I hate their wail.

The cocky way they flick their tail.

The way they hiss, and arch their back

Before launching into a vicious ...

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The Shed

Hanging in the shed

Are four dead pheasants and a woodcock


On a makeshift table

Some half-eaten sandwiches and a thermos


A drab green waterproof

Hangs on a nail above some boots and drips


The man sits talking to a friend

And rubbing his damp hair with an old towel


Outside dogs are sniffing around the cars

Ignoring the rain one man is hunched over his ...

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Dog Lane

I walk up from the bus stop at the end of each weekday,

I know I’ll cause a ruckus, every step along the way.

One hundred yards, four houses, four front gardens, four closed gates,

Behind each one a canine sentinel does lie in wait.

To take this path I have to steel my nerves, or ears at least,

And take care not to get a scare from these four furry beasts.

Am I always to be hound...

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Aquatic Stardust - a freewrite

Aquarian Aquarius,
everyone be hearing us.
What an exciting life you lead,
cosmic superhuman centipede.
I’m Centric G pause for the D:
ejaculating antiquating - even thoughts dilapidated.
You should go through twice
extinguish anguish from your life
cosmic zombie souls are sliced.
Universal detoxification 
electrocuting nation-notions
rubbing Atlas, struggled rolling
infinitesimal scro...

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Tanya & Tiny

Tiny is noise and loud

but cowers when in a crowd

tanay is quiet and loyal

hygenic and clean like a royal

both are crazy and fun 

they love to go for a run

tanya likes to explore

tiny lets out a roar

she will always find her 

she's always right behind her

and then they both lie on the floor

Tiny will chase all the balls

and bark when the buzzer calls

she will...

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Bags of Shite

Penally beach path

Black plastic dog shit bags,

Strewn with carless abandon

‘Gainst clear, blue sky

And cold, fresh breeze,

A black stain,

Tarnish on the Pembrooke,

beauty ways,

You inconsiderate

selfish, dog shit vandal,

lacking sense,

where sensitivity should engage your being,

Amongst such

elemental wonder.

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Dedication from a canine

far surpasses humans abilities

or understanding


A love so pure

they would lay down

their lives at every sitution


When you pass

and leave them behind

they grieve in a way

so pure and real


They wait for us

for they have faith

they will see us again


And they do...


by Lynn Hahn

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The dog who died

A dog died on the streets today
A well bred dog with pedigree
His coat was riddled with fleas and lice 
And his stomach was empty.
He would never bark or snap or crack.
Some would offer him food or treats
And some say he died of sadness and grief
A man died on the streets today 
One less dog to think of 
some were heard to say
On his passing away. 

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Do you

Do you have colour in your cheeks?

Do you go to sleep remembering what you seek?

Do you recall what it was like to be corporeal,

or does it not feel like that at all?

Do you wake to find your pillow wet at night?

Do you see the wolves congregating under moonlight,

and howl at your own stupidity for staying inside?

Do you stare at the files on your desk each weekday


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Paws and snouts and whiskers and drool

And muscle and fur and eyes so sharp, kind and cruel

And light and strong and high in their jump

And eager and always hungry and always looking for more

And sleek and shiny and fast and then still

And smelling and sniffing and pushing and tearing


Playful and wanting and watching and rolling

And laying and nestling and warm and smelly


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The Man with the Black Cap

I see him sometimes at four in the morning

The man with the black cap

He walks his dog,

And apart from a nod

He’s not one for talking


He’s always there at four in the morning

The man with the dog

I guess he’s retired from some early morning job

Now he’s got the time

For walking


Still, it’s a grand time, four in the morning

For a man with a cap and a dog


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Do All Dogs go to Heaven?
















Do all Dogs

go to Heaven?

I sure hope

It's true.

Cause when I

get to Heaven

I want to be

there with you.


You are gone

now but

for a

short while.

When I see

you again

I'll have a

big smile.


I'll sit upon

the ground

while you run

that crazy little circle.



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The King of the Garden

The King of the garden is dead

And now the vultures come

For once before they would fear to tread

But not now, now the King is dead.


The King was a battered mongrel dog

Who kept his enemies at bay

And no cat would dare to enter his domain

Whatever the time of day


The cats roam fearless now

And in the midday sun can quietly lie

Or dance and pla...

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