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Square Root

The sweaty boy lay on the beach;

‘You stink’, his girlfriend said.

But when awaking later on,

They sensed a world expired,

Where everyone was dead.


There was the sea, of course;

But, in truth, there was no sea.

Just their memories of water.


They longed for yesterday’s comforts:

When the old priest cackled and quacked,

Two lovers quarrelled beneath the pines


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Lovelost youth

The Mariner’s Home

As the mariner sinks softly beneath the white tipped foam

He dreams of shadowed woodlands 

In his County Antrim home

Where gulls rise in the sunlight echoing and free 

And bluebell glens descend in silver ribbons to the sea

And he smiles a gentle smile that lights up the space around

And recalls the love that once was lost but now is surely found

For the one who stayed beside ...

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lovelife and deathseamemorial

A song of time

The sky shed tears, on that day

The day the wind took you away

The thunder of time, rumbled on

Playing a melancholic song

The lightning splitting my heart in two

A piece for me, 

                           a piece for you

One day we'll stitch it back together 

And then, my love, 

                                 we have forever 

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