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No one could come close to you in my eyes it's you 

I think about you constantly, with out you life is blue

you tease sometimes you hurt my feelings, I cry 

Yet with out you I would curl up and just die

you are my everything, my love, my man yes you

i could walk away from anything except you,  my glue





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got your letterLove

All I Need

All these years

I put too much into the hopes

Of finding someone who will give me all things I want,

All things I need


Give me music

Give me poetry

Give me love

Give me everything I need


But the voice inside keeps on,

No one can love you like you need

No one is all things true

No one out there is all for you

No one can be all you need


You give ...

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The love is painful but also good

my self it calls itself as such
making way alone, untouched
just fleeting joy when she creates
predictable, a single's fate

then my other comes, falters on fissures
languidly warms, fulfills heart's wishes

yet seeping comfort into space
where always open, felt nothing save
now pricks with pain at such expanse
for place to love must be enhanced


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The rain falls

My soul weeps


All the secrets we keep

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She woke up dead

She woke up dead, yes dead in her heart 
She thought they would never ever part 
The Wicked man of stone ruined her life 
Why did he ask her to be his wife 

He knew he already had one tucked away 
She tries to cry but she woke up dead today 
A bigamist and a sweet girl of twenty three 
Signs where there she just didn't want to see 

Three week into the marriage a knock on the door 
His rea...

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Last Night

Last night as I lay thinking, you sneaked into my head 
I tried to turn you off from thoughts, but you stayed instead 
you made me remember valentines nights from long ago 
Me and you out for the night, kissing dancing slow 

I remembered how you said you loved me, and I you 
Then came the laughter and the places that we knew 
making love was easy that was before the war 
then out came a sid...

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It’s All Gone

Its All Gone - Poem by Marie 

There was a time when she lay on the settee legs slightly parted it turned him on 
Now at fifty two it does nothing, her magnetic sex appeals gone 
There was a time she would look in the mirror and see a sex goddess 
Those day are Dead her beauty no more a subject to address 

There was a time when wolf whistles made her blush when out in the street 
The world ...

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Swim with Me

Swim with me 

in the sea of Galilee, 

where we will drown fear,

loneliness, depression, despair...

then surf the waves  

of forgiveness, 

peace, mercy, grace,

unconditional love,

and joy everlasting...


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Blurred Lines

Echoing words through my head
Of all the sweet things that you said
Of times and memories of what we used to do
Just another little thing to see me through

My dear, it's clear
We aren't what we used to be
My dear, I fear
That’s the way it’s supposed to be

Blurred lines are once again made clear
It’s you with her
And me with him
That’s the way it should be in the end

My dear, it's...

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affairlovemissing lovesong

Lonely Girl

Some days there is not enough

chocolate or booze 

to chase away the blues 

or stop torrential thoughts of love 

gone too soon. 

What's a lonely girl to do.



The only thing that eases the pain 

is music from silent words 

thought to be penned in vain. 




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Dear John

Dear John,

Thank you for remembering 

the forgotten ones,

for seeing beauty within. 

You are a hero 

to lovers among men,

a poet’s poet, 

the razor’s edge...

Long may you live. 



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to my body

my brain was a savage

and im sorry i let so many undeserving hands ravage your fragile parts

i didnt think you were worth enough, so thats why i continued to pick and prod, my judgement was tough

im sorry i ripped you to pieces

but now im learning to love all of your creases

with every burise, cut, and scar youre beautiful thin or large

ive learned to keep you close on your worst...

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bodyloverecovery self-imageSelf-esteem

Nice To Sea You

entry picture

I am telling the crystal clear water
I am truly sorry…

If I’d have known
You were there
(waiting for me)

I would never have hurt
A speck of me

Instead I folded…
Under the city’s walls
Decaying streets
And people jampacked
With yesterday’s worries
And the future foreboding

If I had known…
I would be sitting with you, now

I would have waited,
Till the ripples of life
Brought me here...

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hopestrengthloveour soul


entry picture

Over and over, 
I see your name 
like a tattoo 
on my brain. 

A flame 
that ignites 
not on deed or fame, 
but simply a name. 

A tag, reminding us 
who we are:
dreamer, poet, 
old soul, 

who despite living 
an alternate reality, 
believes in passion, 
love, happily ever after...


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The Pain of Passion

Passion is carefree, often buoyant.....breezy,
and is absolved perpetually of prohibitory rationality.

Being logged in to it for a little over eternity,
this is exactly how I have felt:
intense, steamy
...maybe a bit frenzied.

Passion is also a sudden, swift salvo.
On many a fleeting occasion, ergo;
I have come perilously close
to suggesting my maudlin ardor
and poetically propose
an in...

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loveonesidedpassiontorn apartunrequited

Is it still?

Is it still love when the cracks fill with lies?
And you know that you shouldn't crave their presence,
But they make you feel alive.

Is it still love when you long to break away?
But the notion of their absence compelles you to stay.
Is it still love when you try to forget?
But nothing will fill the void that they left.

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You disappeared without a trace. 

For years I didn’t see your face.

I believed the lies,

that you died. 

Maybe you did,

on the inside.

Your essence never went away.

Behind me, beside me, within me

night and day. 

You haunt me.

That’s the way I want it to be. 

Love is a mystery. 


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ghostingGhostsloverelationshipssoulmatesstarcrossed love affair

everything that breaks

drowns me 

just enough to make me want to write about it

keeps me up for hours past midnight 

hours beyond the flickering street lamps would like to stay lit

how long will you guide the stray

i like words

i like the way they fall on paper 

it’s usually tears and aches near the chest 

that build a home for my words gone lost 

wandering, unclaimed...

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lovenew love

A Poem for my Late Mother

entry picture

I miss you
I miss your overwhelming, overriding knowledge
Your greater wisdom,
Your superiority.
I miss you
I miss the way you make me feel dumb and special all at once,
And unworthy and unworldly
And not enough.
Never enough.
I miss you

Not enough years or experience
Not a deep enough depression
Not a bad enough time.
A broken back was nothing compared to your plight
A gun against t...

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Death of a parentlovemissingmum


i was cotton yesterday 



see, i thought you were my magnet 






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heartLoveMetaphorrelationshipsYoung Love

A Thousand Years of Peace

I used to think it would be an honor 
to usher in a thousand years of peace,
a willing martyr to stop senseless suffering, 
but I had no idea of the atrocities 
that would ensue between men,
or the loss of innocent children 
that we would witness with despair 
and helplessness. 

Come now Lord, end the madness, 
flood evil with love,
make our planet a peaceful place, 
before all hope i...

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softly breaking into you;

consumingly giving to you:


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