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They reach me,


I give them my all,

Yet after that,

They leave me Alone.

They will come back,

Once again, for sure,

With a different face,

A different name,

A new personality,

All along,

And once again,

I will give them my all,

Will they, this time

Stay by my side?

I don't know,

But that's how Trust works,

That's how Life works.


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the strength of a begining and a end

give me the strength to make it threw this day 

                               i promise tommorow will be different i wont let my pride in the way 

today has been a battle of the mind and of the witt 

                              for my foe is the most deadly of apponent i must addmit 

you see this foe stands as my ego and it dont like to loose 

                            but if a...

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1983 died january 28for my brother jeffery david dyck born march 30lovelossdedicationtemptationtrust2017

About today

Write about your feelings, they say

they say you have a creative mind

for tonight, the lights are down and

tomorrow is the time


Yet words remain unwritten

tears, pour unsolicited

magic, musical connection

the language which we bid


Fear, it rings within our ears

they play, they laugh, they run

charismatic foolishness

the peoples’ hearts you’ve won



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Short Film

A running tap in a cluttered room,

the water through dust-light.

Someone stares from a close distance,

unmoving. The sound fills the space.


A body lies outside, on the paving,

curled sideways, fully clothed.

One fist open, the other

hidden. Dawn breaks slow above.


Two bright young things, in hats,

scarves and gloves, rush breathless

to the window of a jewell...

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October 2017 Collage Poem: The Strangeness of Dreams

Birds in their time

Snatched by roaring winds

To dream of whatever is there


In the shadow is a haunted face

As another lies awake waiting now


Water, rising, frogs, fish, fins, brushing

The legs as they passed by


The hazy days of summer

And all that racket

From next door

Wish I could sleep!


To dream is to sleep

To sleep is to dream

The myst...

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2017Collage poemdreamingstockport write out loud


Upon being handed

the gun I

choose to recline on wet, springy turf

and then lay down on the

wrinkled blue tarpaulin,

to pepper the air,

Phasianus Colchicus

blurting out the why and the where

and clasping my sweat

at 26 metres.


The older corners are the best

the low-hanging branches,

the leafy hollows, amalgamated bark, bush

and clumps of stone,


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The Art of Japanese Flower Arranging

Through a flower breathes the Law:

Harmony in motion to ideal.

A blossom’s beauty mirrors intuition

Our need to press the secret mind of plants

That spirit far beyond mere shape and colour.


Once picked, the power of plant

Is dispossessed of earth.

Lost is the energy of seed

Sun, wind and water

Of growth precise in given space.


A plant does not begrudge our p...

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2017the BBC introduces Japan in depth in June

Confessions Of The Broken Hearted

Took you deep inside my tangled body where no ones ever been,

Let you run away when times got thin, and escape when I needed you

Late at night I throw up all the lies you feed me in the day and lay in a puddle of my own stupidity.

Its never been easy, its always been hard, to love you

I love you unconditionally, even when your words show no emotion, and your actions no care, I love you...

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May 2017 Collage poem


Gunpowder walk around, a spark was sobbing

Underneath secrets hopping alongside humans

Inbetween trees weeping in regret


Wet willy, slippering down the slope. Pointing at

Your directionless forehead. Hop aboard the bumpy ride.

Wear a helmet. Your tongue is like a whip... but why!


Tip of the tonge. Sharp or soft

A host of feminist vegans

Lie in a pool of his o...

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Stockport WOLCollage poemMay2017

Situationist Haiku

Print off this haiku

wrap it around a large brick

hurl through a window.

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