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To Change a Light Bulb

Waked, stumbling to step on stone feet -lame
setting down my somewhat rotund frame
with a madcap mind-state -unready
Espresso frothing- wells up steady

Yet, my office is crypt-like, dour --so ...
switching on the room light, then oh no
*Flash-pop* --then it's dark again, ack &$%#
Run to the shed, forage, jogging back
a new bulb, screw out the flop, creaking
fingers fumble, turn -scrapin...

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Will you be mind?

My time

Is not mine

But our time

You’ve made your bed in my dreams

I lie in it


this isn’t me


I would part with my skin

If it weren’t attached 

And never look back


Each night when I close my eyes for sleep

I see you in my head

Your feet poke out one side of your bed

And oh,

It makes me giddy for you

And so,

I end up crawling in bes...

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