Perplexed Feelings!!


 You messaged me 'Good Morning'.

My reply made me seem busy.

You are right, I was distorting.

Did I act silly?


I don't know,

what I did was right or wrong.

I had to show

since it had been long.


Time has changed,

so have the situations.

And I am perplexed

with my expectations.


I do love you

but don't know what to do.

It's been a while

since I heard from you.


I didn't chat that very day

though I wished to have some say.

But then I realized something,

that made me reply nothing.


I didn't wish to hurt myself.

You know, my presumptions have spell

and so when I want to be fresh

I use these papers and pens.


I am bewildered, I swear.

I don't want you to mess.

What I wish is just to yell

with some tears since no one cares.


I am trying to stop my steps

to protect myself from emotional depths.

Why at times feelings act as nightmares?

Maybe, I need some love for myself.


Lately, I have been stressed.

I know you can guess.

These are my expectations,

which makes me crap.


I need some time,

to make myself right.

The last thing I want to add;

Are expectations bad?

                           -Advaita Singh!

{{scribbling world: Perplexed Feelings!! (}}


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