Now we are England on our own

Shackles of Europe over thrown

Can we return to pound shillings and pence 

Will we now put up a fence


Will we revert to potatoes with dirt

To half a cucumber not a portion

And also now without caution

Spring not salad onions


But I hear you cry

What about ounces and pounds

19 eleven and six

Poles pecks and perches 

Chains a...

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Alone in Love

I don't regret .. how to deal
With one .. I'm deeply adore
I don't regret how to feel
Someone .. I'm certainly sure

I don't forget .. lonely day
Before we met .. it was so long
I don't forget .. you .. to say
Being alone is really wrong

I don't ask .. about the past
Your past .. has gone .. no return
I want to take you for the best
For me you're my baby born


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Also by Farag M. Afify:

Fake Love | Love's Cave | Soul of Love | Princess Love | Pure Love |

Global swarming

Bees do have a smell, you know, and if they don't they should, for their feet are dusted with spices from a million flowers. Ray Bradbury


Treasure a desert orchid
Do not classify the sky:
It is the time for bees.
Anybody can name a bee
But can we know it?
Fascists swim in rain or snow
To let us know they glorify the body. 
Pools are deep but silt can do its work.
Transforming a do ...

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Matt Mayo – Songwriter, Vocals, Lead Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, & Producer

Music Bio and Monster Movie album credits and thanks ( I will upload the album here too when I can )

Matt Mayo – Songwriter, Vocals, Lead Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, & Producer

I call myself a rock and roll survivor now. I have been through a lot and I feel lucky to have released this album. I played in punk rock bands in Denton TX from 1988-1992, then I formed Spoiler in 1993 with Lee Lazarine,...

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Eternal love

Ever since I started loving you my dear Allah 

I can't seem to love anyone else other than you


Your love is so fulfilling and satisfying my Rabb

None can please my heart the way it's pleased by you


I'm so much lost in your love, my only Illah 

I lost track of life, time, age and everything That was me


Your love intoxicated me completely my only God

Nothing could...

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Champagne Football

                                   Champagne Footballer 

Eleven vessels stand hour glass tall.
3-4-3 formation, football elite, one and all .
Liquid nectar fills the body, adrenaline running hot.
Air bubble froth with a golden halo, embellishes the top.
Guilded feet planted firmly on the ground.
As anthems play, glory days resound.
No working men, No dirt engrained fingernails,

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The Ferryman


In time crossing over into deep waters

the ferry of slow emerge takes control


A monk like skeleton opens his hand

wanting a coin to protect the soul


Stops at the shore with choices of mist

deeds in vain and memory decay


Sinking into depth of unknown

souls purpose shores obey


Water mirrors moonlights long beams

the cold engaging the spirit



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Also by Robert Rittel:

Lady Mary Berkeley |

spiritual awakening

Bring It On

Happy go lucky people

cautiously staying on amber

forgotten smiles return

feel good factor

simultaneously spreading togetherness

three lions roar.

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Also by Nigel Astell:

Something More | When Time Stood Still | I Seek Them Here I Seek Them There | Poem For Brian | Pimp My Ride |

green for Rome

Catch her if you can...

A rather pedestrian setting

For the ethereal bloodletting

Required to catch a muse, 

Or at the very least,

Catch her in a decent mood. 


But what will it be today?

Thalia's ivy wreath, or 

The knife of Melpoméne?

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Also by Holden Moncrieff:

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Losing It (very light verse)


Of all the things

that you can lose

there's nothing quite as hard


as the losing of your wallet

cause it contains

your credit cards


stolen identity

leads to futility

there's nothing you can do


now someone

has your number and

someone else is being you.



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Poetry Contest

Another prompt invokes an undesired surge
of thought and fractured scenes,
requiring energy to sort and draw conclusions,
prior to recording in the journal for today.

Time to him resembles auctioning a gem,
the longer it lasts, the higher its price,
and he's approaching life's end zone called "red,"
where actuaries hold their breath and count.

The formalist stands firm on well-packed g...

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Also by Gerald E Greene:

Poetry Contest | Fasteners of Life | Be A Mentor |


Machined Futurology

Ultimately perfected

Earths advanced future inhabitants

destined to endlessly exist far beyond the Sun's demise


Killers of deaths authenticity


When we are finally exiled

to non-existence

and returned to being just another failed experiment

in the mind of some enigmatic creator who gave us life


then, so much more wondrous will be the strucures 

rising from ...

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A verdurous bed | Metaphorical food | Overruled | Battlefields | Mismatch reparations |

Gift Of Words

Thanks to D Knape for the Box of Words

As I was passing by
I came across this online page 
Just random well worn words
no restrictions on their usage

They were left deliberately 
for refurbishment or repair
Free to any good home
that could be trusted with their care

So I gathered them up
and gave them a shuffle around
Now they have a new home
in this poem they can be found

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A Warrior

Born in a dusky town,

Was a little girl brown,

Had an invisible crown,

Who was destined to get renowned.


As the time flew,

Trials and Tribulations hit her through,

Poverty and Despair only grew,

But she did not give in to.


Armed with nerves of steel,

Filled with determination and grit,

In a world of ordeal,

She never did quit.


Adding jewels of vir...

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The poisoned garden

Rhubarb, laburnum,

rhododendron, juniper,

pulmonaria, digitalis,

nicotinia, periwinkle,

cannabis, aconitum,

salvia, laurel, hemlock,

rosemary, farage.


With acknowledgements to

The Poison Garden at Alnwick Gardens in Northumberland

and written after England’s recent win against Germany


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Baby Eternal

It’s time to fly, 

Like a bird, 

My wings becoming free. 


Stepping among a strange curdled current, 

A sea beneath, 

Arms just out of reach. 


For in the sea, 

Of mind and open eye, 

My world falls dim. 


I guess there is, 

Another way, 

To die and be free again. 


Like a bird, 

A Seashell hollow, 

A sacred branch beneath yellow skin. 


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প্রকৃতির প্রতিশোধ

প্রকৃতির প্রতিশোধ

আব্দুল হান্নান

হৃদয়ে এ কথা সহসা জাগতেই পারে যে নিথর স্তব্ধ প্রাণহীন প্রকৃতি মনে হয় শুধু ভোগ বিলাশের জন্য।সৃষ্টির অনবদ্য পদচারনার মুখাপেক্ষী হয়ে প্রকৃতি মনে হয় প্রতিক্ষার বলয়ে আবদ্ধ।হস্ত পদহীন প্রকৃতির মাঝে অবিরাম অন্যায়ে বহমান স্রোতধারা স্তব্ধ  করে দেবার মত ক্ষমতা কি প্রকৃতির আছে? লক্ষভেদী সৃষ্টি গুলির লক্ষান্তরালে থেকে পাঁপকে লুকালেইত সব কিছুর সমাধা হলো।বর্ণিত এ সব ধারনা আ...

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No More

Something here’s gotten change
It's becoming a daily thing
Keep your hands to yourself
She doesn't want you 
But play the victim with your friends

Go tell everyone your the nice guy
I'm sick of you and everyone like you
So shut the fuck up 
When she says no it's just that

I hate guys like you 
Begging for nudes 
She said no but you keep doing it 
I hate your type keep your eyes off...

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Also by Damon Blackery:

Ace | We All Wanna Die Sometimes |



If I could exorcise myself of me

would I then be some kind of free,

Or is the wretch to whom I’m bound

Like hidden treasure never found?


Have in my seeking I ignored

some sheltered cove Un-mapped, Explored?

with every Contour’s rise and fall

could it be I missed it all?


that on this rambling Journey Home

I stepped each step further alone,

instead of tur...

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Pulling me in, keeping me up

tempestuous silent cry 

In Ambush dark cup 

eyes more prone to light

endeavoring prison break

debacle serves me right

what I seek now

bars right before my eyes. 




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Also by Nazia Khan:

DARK is an ART | Wish me goodnight |

The News

We are fascinated by the news,
For it may shock or it may amuse.
We see real life - every day.
See what people do and what they say.

Whether in the paper or on TV,
It is there for us all to see.
And famous people we love to watch -
Should they succeed or should they botch.

We love hearing stories of in the courts,
And so popular are our sports.
And many of us do endeavour
To always catc...

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Also by Stuart Vanner:

Back to the Future | Contentment | This Life |

Stuart VannerThe mediaThe News

A Writers Life


A writers life, a writers mind

Thoughts bombarding, counting time

You ache to write down what you see

The things you hear, the trapped, the free


Views and opinions, feelings strong

A writer knows not right or wrong

Just wants to capture colour and shade

Like military regalia on parade


To lure, to reel the reader in

To enter the writers mind wi...

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Also by Rick Varden:

Fathers Day |

The Root of the Matter

It is what it is - I'm affirming right now
I am who I am - none can disallow.
The audience is fickle - I don't seek their praise.
It's not worth a nickel. I'll live my own days.

It is what it is - though never the same,
I am who I am - I  make my own game.
Moments are changing, perpetually new.
Thoughts rearranging - artistically view.

I am who I am - according to me.
It is what it is...

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Also by Brian Hodgkinson Jr.:

Meet Cute | Content | The Sound of a Beheading on AM Radio | Crone | Royalty | Wishing |

Soul Rebel


next door they're yet holding another barbecue

starry sparks of pig and ox ascend in the dark

hot flesh, burning fuel amid the polite chatter

charred hose and doublet of brave Joan of Arc


beefburgers thick sausages dripping grease

immolated rump steak in the teeth of guests

witches and Jews getting lynched for threats

to the state as traitors and subversive pests



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Also by simon lucan:

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barbecueburgersburghersjewsKu Klux KlanoffalSS Guardswitches

How Did It Get So Late So Soon?

How Did It Get So Late So Soon?


The man who scared the ghosts away,

The woman who healed wounds with a kiss,

I think of them more nowadays

In sad and troubled times like this.

No longer there to hug the pain

From tired bones and broken hearts,

To shield you from the winter rain

That permeates where old age starts.


The back garden is over-grown,

The kitchen i...

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Also by Ian Whiteley:

Little Crowtown | # False Prophet | rag and bone |

ageingold ageparentstimeyouth


An unremarkable day in May,

though in retrospect,

the blackbird was peremptory.

And of course, there was

the fox at my door,

the night before.


I came inside with a handful of thyme,

greedily enjoying a prompted memory.

When out of the corner of my eye,

I did...

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magical realismtransformation


Yes,  it’s gonna be a backbench Matt Hancock

His ending has come down to this

A catalogue of criticism and failure

Sealed with a kiss.


Boris Johnson said he’s just “fucking hopeless”

And looked for a way to dismiss

Then Doormat Hancock said “I’ll do it for you,

And seal it with a kiss”.


He lied about all the care homes

He lied about PPE

He stuffed his pocket...

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Also by John Coopey:


Snake skin.

The snake looks its prey dead in its eyes

stone cold, a perfect hunter

so it seems to be to me

a random bystander

would he be faking emotions?

lethal loving it to the very end

What a mess, distressed is like a wreck

i seem to reflect for far to long about that song

it looks like love perished, stranded on some foreign beach

out of reach, fading away like the pyramids onc...

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Also by Rudyard Kooistra:

Plenty fish. | Medicine. | No nothing. | No name is good enough. | Consume. | Life after death. | The walls. |

No one there

Shouldering in silence
the phone receiver ripples in time
barely hanging in place
with an old 10p coin stuck in the slot,

braced in leaves 
almost like Nature was as much hiding it
as well as devouring it 
ablaze with sea salt tomb tears,

unrehearsed emotions 
a moment in time 
wedged shut through the keyhole 
offering no clue to who had being there.




(First in a sh...

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Also by Andy N:

Consequences XX | Consequences XIX | Peace from the Sirens |


Two little finches on a feeder

one sings Tosca

the other Aida.

Pleasure created for poets or kings

souls in torment born with wings. 

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Also by ray pool:


Military Coup


A group of my neighbours, past middle age,

Run every Tuesday, in the dead of night,

Like the wind to the end of their garden.

Rain, snow, hot, cold, they strip off and make love.

‘So what? It’s a free country,’ you might say,

Unless you know that most are Generals

Who don't want the place to remain that way.

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Also by Stephen Gospage:

The Truth | The postman used to ring twice | Big Dave Diff | Seagulls | Streaker | The Little Book of Love | Come out today! |

The Power of Nature

Even when no one is listening

The birds will sing

Raise their wings

Beat them noisily

Against the air

Rise up and fly

And so, might we

Continue to sing

Continue to fly

Even when no one is listening



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Also by Brenda Wells:

For Father's Day | The Damselfly | Boats on the Stour |

Invisible Emotions

Fake smiles are hidden 

Behind bright lights.

The glare overshadows

The hidden sentiments

Binding us to the world.


Chasing butterflies

Counting stars

Are what struck

A possible accord

Leading to a break 

In the midst of this bright light


Overpowered by a dark nature

It stabs into the world 


Never isolated just lacking 

A new appro...

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My Parents / Parenting in General

Is parenting impossible

Or am I just unfit?--

I know my parents raised me right

     And still I went to shit--


I'd like to think I'm capable,

But ignorance is bliss--

If I'm the best that they could do

     And I turned out like this…

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Also by The Chessplayer:

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dubito ergo sum

My Garden is My Promise

I'm pretty sure I'm almost there

Where I need to be

Where I'll settle my neurons' meddling

Into happy sincerity

Letting it go and flow and know

I'll not be sunk in that darkened oak's glow

I'll be past the monstrous lack of control

But never will I forget the haunting 

Never will the scar disappear

But I'll see it there

A reminder of my self-centered despair

My per...

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Also by Collin Pulmano:

Tasks | Throwing Books Against a Wall | Chisney | Wandering mind | October 2003 | T | Sat. | On The Team | CareBear |

Dawn Chorus

Winter silence evaporates like

mist at rising of sun.

Skylarks and thrushes, robins

and blackbirds sing us awake,


tentative at first, then competing,

vying for attention in vernal melodies.

Wrens and warblers patiently

wait out their noisy neighbours.


Louder again they trill, in search

of a likely mate to swipe right,

join in preparing a new nest

for the ...

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Also by Trevor Alexander:

Thursday |

Let the trees speak

Once you find peace in nature

You find peace in yourself 

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Also by Cody Roach:

When I’m gone | I make sparks | John Wayne | In the sky of blue | Empty | Unforgiving love | Grandpa Doug | Cold | Rashviknaka |




I live in a golden palace,

Full with the very best of everything:

Shelter, sustenance, a silent welcome;

I never was one for displays of affection

On the occasion of a simply opening door,

Or is that merely an arrogant view?

I too listen for silences where I can,

With ears hissing gently in an empty room

As distant thunder rumbles uselessly.


This life ...

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Also by Chris Hubbard:

Icon | Saint Petersburg | Deep Last Autumn | Lifeboat |

Bodies of Desire: Stick your Stereotypes!




Queer is a disruption. We are the disruptors

Young queer people. We're space architects

Imagineers. Creating spaces that destroy our fears

We survive in spaces where we thrive and our beauty comes alive 


Yet these spaces we create, we animate by constant self-policing

Say the right thing. Body image


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Also by Lee Campbell:

George. |


In my cypress root home, it's slow water here
Red dots on my ears, no current, slow
The river flows, but I'm accustomed
My little root home will hide me
Moving in secret, quietly
Fanning my nest violently
Under tree swimming tiredly
They came with rods and hooks,
bent on their cruelty
Pulling me out of my river,
into their gaseous sea

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Also by Patrick Kennon:

The weeds always win | Nonrefundable black hat |


Can you see

the tall spikes

crowned with

delicate white blossom

growing in the SW

corner of the garden?


It is the herb valerian

its scent is most

pleasing and calming.

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Also by Abdul Ahmad:

Identity swapped |

Comparing Dreams       


Daybreak came round again.
She had a foot massage booked at a plush spa
but veered away admiring irises and unknown blooms.
His sister attacked his dad in hospital
pulling out tubes.
She returned to a childhood home
so improbably different now!
His 'phone wouldn't function right
distraught Romeo couldn't contact Juliet.

A few kisses sort it all out.

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

All Of Us | For The Face Beset With Grimaces | Intrusion | Earth's Plea | You People |

My achilles heel

My achilles heel


I hardly know you

That’s clear to see

And I haven't the slightest idea  

Of where you stand with me


Do you feel this too?

Or am I alone

Trying to act cool

While continuously checking my phone 


A shot of beautiful poison 

Hardly sleeping 

Painfully obsessed

Can’t stomach the thought of eating


You’ve crippled me here

You ...

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Also by Rasa Kabaila:

That night | Go Go Stop | My Church |

The Lament of the HS2 Tree



I heard pipes and drums, of men crossing fields

treading on the mist of a morning when I was sapling. 

The battle took place around my soil,

where my lifespan started, men dripped blood on me.

Their hot varnish splattered scarlet onto my young leaves.


The times, they buried men and women, drummers and fifers fell,

Children left their earthly life before they could ...

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Also by vincent berquez:

Tranquil Waters | The Sound of Blossom Falling |


Back in the late 90s when life was still simple but verging on breaking but little we knew 


We didn't have mobiles 

We would call up on landlines 


Meet there on time 

Back then the sky seemed more blue 


Dance college limbering 

Boys cloakrooms mingling 

Latin American dance

Silvers and leotard..tap shoes and ballet shoes 

Jazz boots and shiny sweat pa...

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Also by Sarah Louise mcnee:


DancedramaLiverpool theatre school

In Limbo

When you want to help,

But it paints like rain.

You can’t stand by

Yet you create more pain.

Nothing ventured , they say is nothing gained

But this gesture of care maybe should refrain.


A balancing act of well intended intervention,

 or respect of independence.

The horizon welcomes a furthering away of remedy and deepening of uncertainty.

The relationship, the love,...

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Lunar Negotiations

From one of those days

that you wouldn’t feed

to a mangy, starving dog.


                          To one of those nights

                          where that same little dog

                          gnaws dry on a skinny old bone.


Knowing all too well it's one

of those bones that you’ll

have to learn to walk without.




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Also by Ralph Dartford:

The Worst Words | Codes |

Woman lll


Waiting for you all to appreciate me, you made me hate me

Missing out on all of who I am, breaking me down, as if I'm not of high demand, like I'm less than a man

Genuine and honest and pretty funny too

You all take a lot of me and try to put it into you

My outake greater than my intake and your intake greater than mine

But now I'm taking my power back

Well now I'm not...

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Also by VHH:

Do you remember the time, flashbulb memories in my mind | Unlovable |


Am I happy?

What does that even mean?

Is it some permanent state

Carved in stone

Of where and what

And with whom

We are now?

Or is it just the sum

Of individual moments

With which we experience pleasure

Contentment, feelings, and highs


Or, perhaps

To spin it on its head

It’s the absence

Of sadness, regrets, and fears?

But surely happiness

Can’t ...

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Hungry bells

Hungry bells

Thursday,24th June 2021


We feel sore

when fail to explore!

what is in store!

we seek then more


why mind aches?

when fails to reach

some points

and joins the sad race


the stomach revolts

when not filling the hungry bolts

it cracks and develops a headache 

and desperately tries to have some catch


mind and stomach

long for ...

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