Waves of time crashing on desire's coast
So close and yet so far I wait at my post
The time may come when the ground beneath washes away
Wind blowing heavily I stand firm and without sway.
Certain there comes a day when such a fog may clear
That allows your light to reach my pier
Ever so loud the sound of ocean's chatter
Such a distraction from that which matters
Even though people come and go with and like the tide
The facts of life I've grown to abide
Wistfully waiting for clouds to subside
So your brightness may illuminate my ride
The distance between us challenging and new
Is but one obstacle for this skiff and one man crew.
Attempting to find what words can't say
Clarity, intuition and certainly not dismay.
A fixed beacon of light past, present, and future tense
I say to you now in hopeful suspense
This much in my heart I know to be true.
Can't discount the way I feel about you.  

Lion's Pride ►


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matt ryan

Thu 24th Jun 2021 17:43

Hi Keith,

I appreciate this and your feedback puts a smile on my face. I've actually never wrote a poem before and now, finally at 36 years old, my first. I changed this poem a little. When I submitted it I had just finished it and posted it with a sort of angst. I didn't spend much time on it to begin with but just made a few edits. Thank you for your response. It means a lot.



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keith jeffries

Thu 24th Jun 2021 12:34

Matthew, first, may I welcome you to WOL. This poem is beautifully crafted by someone whose command of the language is given to the art of expressive writing. I look forward to reading more of your work.

Thank you for this

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