FAail. InG aGaAin

A soldier in a muddy trench 

We watch the film but not the stench

Of comrades drenched in young red blood

That fall unknown in putrid mud


The shells thud is constant measure

Young lives slip as buried treasure

To the earth they disappear 

Leave  sweet hearts in daily fear,


Move on now just a hundred years

And loved ones still are shedding tears

For family that is torn to shreds

While bombs and bullets rain on their heads


But now the foe has changed somewhat 

From expansionistic idiot clots

To sides that are both right and wrong

Who sing different tunes to religious song


As God looks down in true despair 

His children claw and  spit and tear

He gave them home for all to thrive

But split asunder  they connive


Continuing the endless strife

Not heeding cost not heeding  life

To teach the children hate not love

To teach continuously there is no dove


No answer to the different story

They all will die in so called glory

Please talk and stop the madness mind

For Gods sake and for human kind


16/05/2021 20:15- 20:42



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