Divine pearls

The past like a burnt candle

Lighted my path that I traversed 

My present is like the glowing sun

That stands overhead at me now

Brightening my path to be walked upon

My future lies under the gift wrapper concealed 

Which I shall open zealously when I shall receive

And shall run on the roads discovering treasures heavenly


My book of life still open

The chapters read were exciting

Revealed to me my purpose

A new chapter now I begin

Trying to understand hidden meanings

Deeper into reading between lines

Trying to reach divine understanding

There are many chapters after this

Which shall unfold how things are going to be

Will explore the new lines and sentences

As and when they are meant to be read and decipered


Darkness smeared everywhere

A universe full of opportunities lies here

Until I stretch my arms high

I shall neither touch the stars nor the sky

Sun and moon are the kindled torches

For us to comprehend that darkness isn't evil

For within the dark depths of soil

A seed germinated into fruit bearing tree

So let the darkness do it's work on me

For now I know day and night each plays an effective role

In fulfilling the purposes of Allah almighty

So I ain't anymore scared of the dark night

When its gets darkest just before sunrise


My journey of life started

The moment My merciful Allah

Had a beautiful intention to create me

And that day onwards

I'm in my Rabb's divine care

Holding His hands strong

I have walked through heavens 

And bring me to this lovely life of earth

With trust in Him alone I shall go walking on

From one world to next until I reach jannatul fidaus lovely

From earth I shall walk in the gardens of barzakh beyond worldly gates, with Allah My permanent partner and guide

I shall never be alone, when Allah is my caring friend walking along with me

On the day of Resurrection I shall have the best of that world by Allah as my protection alone

Taking me to Judgement day and crossing the Bridges leading to heavens 

What a journey I am on, I finally realize.

To Allah I belong, with Allah I walk on and with Allah I shall keep living on



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