# False Prophet

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# False Prophet


Sitting in a one room flat

In underpants and tin foil hat

Scrolling through free thinking sites

To share the memes of acolytes

About the risk of wearing masks

And why nobody ever asks

What’s in the Kool Aid we injected

To stop the world from being infected


While every government on the planet

Vaccinates – you want to ban it

After all you are enlightened,

or maybe just a little frightened

That what the government says is true

What you cannot see just may kill you

Meanwhile #bobofguilford says

This is truly the end of days


Rejecting science accepting ‘truth’

Without an ounce of sense or proof

Social media has become

A voice and platform for the dumb

Where conspiracies are quick to form

A welcome deviance from the norm

Some prophet asks you to take a chance

to live and die through ignorance

antimaskantivaconspiracy theorycovd 19false truthfree thinkers

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Ian Whiteley

Mon 21st Jun 2021 16:49

thanks for the kind comments Stephen and Greg. Glad you liked it. Dark indeed - but hopefully with a little light in there somewhere.
Thanks to everyone for the 'likes' I appreciate it

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Stephen Gospage

Wed 16th Jun 2021 16:59

Really enjoyable, Ian, although the subject is worrying. The rhyming enhances the humorous side of it.

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Greg Freeman

Tue 15th Jun 2021 17:54

Very powerful final two lines, Ian. Good stuff, needs to be said. Just look at those anti-lockdown loons harassing Newsnight's Nick Watt. Andrew Neil's GB News army.

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