Big Dave Diff


Big Dave Diff was a local bloke;

He liked a laugh, a risky joke;

When no one watched, he cadged a smoke.

One day he told us he was broke.


Though usually a blow to pride,

He seemed to take it in his stride,

But soon great chasms, acres wide,

Would open up on every side.


His savings short, surviving thanks

To social credits and food banks,

Dave’s loan shark rating took a dive;

What was it worth to stay alive?


This is the lot of decent folk –

To lose contentment at a stroke.

The algorithms dominate;

We hang suspended, pending fate.

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Stephen Gospage

Thu 17th Jun 2021 17:31

Trevor and Stephen - thanks for your comments. Yes, I sometimes think 'there but for the grace of God go I'. It seems so easy for someone who has a bit of bad luck to fall through the net completely. It shoudn't happen.

And thank you to everyone for the likes.

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Trevor Alexander

Thu 17th Jun 2021 12:12

Many of us could fall foul of the algorithms if we made a different choice at some stage of our lives. And as you say, some already made that unfortunate choice, like Big Dave.

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Stephen Atkinson

Wed 16th Jun 2021 17:52

Sadly, I've known a few big Dave's. Once you're on that slippery slope it's hard to get a grip. Another good one, Stephen!

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