The edge of the sea is the edge of the sand

The edge of the sky is the edge of the land

The edge of the stars is the edge of my hand 

The edge of your breath is the edge where I stand.


Reaching up through the gaps

Fingers stretched until they snap

Feeling for the other side 

Feeling out to catch the ride


Sweet sweet breath upon my lips 

Give my senses wild wild trips

Your the girl with Angel eyes

Piercing souls through your disguise


Rescuing all that pass your way 

Arms outstretched scoop up the strays

You hold them in and don’t let go 

Your rainbow eyes all in glow


That capture edges feather thin

For men like me to revel in

To slip between the gaps of space

And time that measures frantic race


◄ LU / st

thE dATe ►


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The Chessplayer

Sat 12th Jun 2021 02:21

That first stanza is pure gold

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