Come out today!


Come out today! Come out today!

To see this first of June display!

The pinks, the whites, the blues, the reds,

Emblazoned on well-tended beds.

Fuelled by spring rain, still in the soil,

The fruits of nature’s ceaseless toil,

They preen themselves till summer’s heat

Brings shrivelling and sure defeat.

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Stephen Gospage

Thu 3rd Jun 2021 17:01

Thanks to everyone who liked this poem and especially to Moon.girl for the wonderful poetic comment.

John - nettles and dandelions seem to predominate at our place as well. As you say, bloody nature, although it does reserve us a nice surprise from time to time.

Greetings to all.

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John Coopey

Thu 3rd Jun 2021 07:24

Bloody Nature! It tries to ruin everything I plant in the garden! The fact of the matter is that what I plant doesn’t want to be there. They want to be in Japan or South Africa or the Andes. It’s the likes of nettles and dandelions and docks that Nature wants to be here. Bloody Nature!


Wed 2nd Jun 2021 18:09

Today has a day in it. Tonight has night. Days are longer and are hidden behind night sky dancing. Going during the day when sun does shine ⛅🌥

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Stephen Gospage

Wed 2nd Jun 2021 17:52

I'm a day late but the rhododendrons are late this year and just reaching their peak in the sunshine.

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