ThE FaaAWn

The black dog walks in the room and leaves me in the cloud and gloom

The January skies are grey the nights are long with shortened day

Rain falls down as shards of glass

That pierce the soul and through me pass

The depths of winter, the winds of hell 

Drive down and try me to fell


The night sky boils with melted brains,

And swirl around with white hot chains

And rain down pools of molten lead

That burn me lying on my bed.


The depths of man is never known

His heart is never on a throne 

But tucked away in black abyss

The key long gone and lost to bliss


The pile of rock seems heavy now

It pins the arms and yet somehow,

The distant call of the piper now

Cuts through clamour cuts through the row.


He plays his tune in distant dawn

To summon nature, this fateful fawn

Will save us all if we can but see.

To him we answer not to we.

◄ hOl-Es!,,,,

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