Will you ever love the one behind your eye?
Promote your own voice?
Decide to restrain imitation?

Write the drops of the day,
Recall your trashed diaries.

Drifting in every direction
we flower, the ranges call-- permit the beach,
the earth, the islands.

Find the nature of sunshine,
not its reverberation--
for we evaporate like the morning

While dreaming the faraway road.
Do you feel blighted?

Tailgaters in a slow-motion hunt
Wander in a fog --time-bombs

Starry lamps light a lifetime or more
petty people of the cheesy moon
their flaw is a shelter

Wishing into the sky again
a necessary fact of life





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Brian Hodgkinson

Wed 16th Jun 2021 16:54

I like yours very much. Great work.

<Deleted User> (31922)

Wed 16th Jun 2021 01:34

Like a farmer good
He examined the heart as he could
Enlisted the missing nutrients
Of love, hope, happiness and friendship

On different days
Farmer replenished the heart's soil differently
Adding all the missing nutrients one by one
And making it fertile once again

There's a time to plough
A time to manure
A time to seed
A time to reap

The land is ready
Sow the best seeds
Water, sunshine, wind and care
A luxuriant harvest you will have

Inspired to write this poem reading your poem.
Thanks for this beautiful poem. Good morning 🌷

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